Why is my stomach hard after C-section?

Why is my stomach hard after C-section?

A hernia that occurs after surgery is called an incisional hernia. The C-section is a surgical procedure that can create a weakness in the abdominal wall. A hernia occurs when part of the intestines or stomach protrudes outward through this weakened area, creating a bulge.

How do I make my C-section scar softer?

Begin as soon as the incision is closed and well healed.

  1. Hold the pads of two or three fingers together.
  2. Place pads of fingers on the edge of the scar.
  3. Stretch the scar by pushing fingers ½ inch in one direction (indicated by arrows).
  4. Repeat step 3 by stretching the scar in the opposite direction.

Is C-section Recovery hard?

Recovering from a C-section takes time and may take longer than a doctor or midwife says it will. Some women experience muscle or incision pain for several months. Others struggle with urinary incontinence due to weakened pelvic floor muscles. While these challenges are common, people should not ignore them.

Is it normal to feel a lump in your lower abdomen after C-section?

Abdominal bulge The most common symptom of hernia after a cesarean delivery is a bulge of tissue that seems to come out of an area of your surgical scar. Or you may experience just a bulge of skin in or around your scar.

When does belly go down after c-section?

Once the baby is out, whether by vaginal or c-section delivery, the uterus contracts and shrinks to GRADUALLY go back down to size. That full process takes 6 weeks. So, the shrinking uterus is part of the reason that you look like you are ready to attend your own baby shower, not bring a baby home.

When is c-section pain the worst?

Yes, you just had major abdominal surgery—but the activity will help speed your C-section healing. C-section pain typically spikes 18 hours after delivery.

How do I recover from a C section?

C-Section: Tips for a Fast Recovery Get plenty of rest. A C-section is major surgery. Baby your body. Take extra care in getting around while you heal. Relieve your pain. Ask your doctor what pain medicines you can take, especially if you’re breastfeeding. Focus on good nutrition. Good nutrition is just as important in the months after you deliver as it was while you were pregnant.

What are the risks of C section?

The risks of a cesarean delivery include: bleeding. blood clots. breathing problems for the child, especially if done before 39 weeks of pregnancy. increased risks for future pregnancies. infection. injury to the child during surgery.

What is the recovery time from C section?

The overall recovery and care period following a C-section is up to six weeks. The area around abdomen may be sore from the surgery and the skin and nerves in this area need some time to heal. Using common pain killer medications to take the edge off any post-surgery pain found most helpful.

How long does C section recovery take?

Normally for a woman, it takes a month to clearly recover from the pains of C section. If you are thinking about getting back to your routine of work and home life then it will take at most 8 weeks for the process.