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10 Content Ideas To Help You Post More On Social Media And Grow Your Following

Keeping social networks updated with new postings is a necessity for marketers. This can be difficult. Your fans crave new content, so they expect you to publish it regularly.

To keep ahead of the competition, you must move past the tedious and repeated material. Firstly, it will function well, and you will have plenty to share and discuss, but you may experience a creative block.

We have put together a list of ideas to help you never get stuck in a content rut again if you are in this situation or have just begun managing a business’s social media. Let’s get started!

Organise a Series

Communicate regularly with your followers and fans by starting a series. When you consistently deliver valuable content to your audience, you may encourage them to regularly search for your business’s content.

When you want to start a series, make sure it’s a two-way street with the ability for consumers to act on it. Instruct users to use the same hashtag to share an image/video as part of the series. As a result, your social media engagement will gradually increase.


Observe Trends

Trending topics on Twitter and Facebook allow brands to capitalise on timely content. While you only have a little window of opportunity for such material to be relevant, topical pieces can generate a lot of traffic. Keeping up with this ever-changing landscape necessitates ongoing learning, development, and adaptation abilities!

To keep up with trends, you must plan your social media calendar knowing that this will vary as time passes. Dive further by acquiring the appropriate social media tools to observe what customers are searching for and evaluate their behaviour at each funnel stage. As a result, you may use social media analytics to grow your business outside social media.


Engage Your Audience

Whether it’s an ice bucket challenge or a weight-loss challenge, there’s a lot of motivation when many people participate!

This social media approach of challenging the audience is based on a similar concept: motivating people to drive speedy results.

Create a time frame for your challenge, such as 5-8 days, collaborate with influencers, and create a unique hashtag for your challenge. Make it a point to win every day rather than a “win or lose” challenge. Such an attempt will serve a larger objective of making all participants feel appreciated. Discuss the challenge, promote it on any medium with a relevant audience, and aim for more than just getting the audience to participate.

Try Your Hand At Memes

The key to capturing the attention of these difficult-to-reach users is to offer them something other than machine-advertised merchandise. Memes are the least expensive sort of material to post and the most shared. The key thing to remember is that the meme’s tone should fit the tone of your brand. Even though the meme is amusing, it should match your brand’s personality. Memes can come across as cringe-worthy and out of touch if your audience isn’t familiar with the concept of humour. Find the necessary tool, such as a video editor or Photoshop, to make such memes, or start with a meme generator. Keep it brief and concise, and choose the appropriate expression.


Allow Someone to Take Control

Allowing someone else to take over your social feeds can be a good way to breathe new life into them.

Businesses outsource control of their social media channels to a celebrity or influencer with a huge fan base. This attracts their audience to your brand. Consider company partners and industry connections who might be ideal candidates for a takeover. The goal of a takeover is to gain exposure, so pick someone whose audience niche is similar to your own.


Get a peek behind the curtain.

Going behind the scenes on social media can help you attract more viewers to your profile. The inside view of your brand will increase their trust in you and make them like you even more. It provides the audience with a more in-depth grasp of the work involved in your firm. This provides value since the client makes a human connection and learns more about the product or service. It also aids in the development of trust and loyalty.

It adds value to your goods or service by displaying the motivation for your creation. It allows your customers to participate in the creation of something.


Organise an interview

Interviewing a relevant influencer or professional in your business, whether via Twitter or Facebook Live, is the ideal combination of education and entertainment. Social interviews are frequently informal and off-the-cuff, allowing you to appear genuine to your audience. You may also repurpose your social interviews into podcasts, blog posts, and YouTube videos as a bonus.


Enjoy the Holidays!

We all know how emotional the holidays can be!

As a result, Christmas articles might have an emotional impact on your readers. Holiday postings can provide your audience with a unique perspective while fostering a sense of community. Remember that the holidays you publish should be relevant to your sector since this will help your audience understand what to expect from your social channels. When addressing this, keep past holiday data in mind.


Put the customer in the spotlight

What better way to show your appreciation for your consumers than to include them?

Make your consumers feel proud and special by doing it regularly. This will result in people developing an emotional connection with the brand. Begin by telling a customer’s stories or regularly boosting consumers on your Facebook cover. The more you show your clients and followers gratitude, the more likely they will spread your content and promote your brand on your behalf.


Share, Retweet, and Regram

When you use social media, you are a part of a shared place with others. Rather than just uploading new content, you might try to embrace this shared area by sharing the content of other businesses or individuals.

In addition, your audience may come back to your social media posts later due to the variety of content journeys they will undergo.



Try some of these social media ideas when you’re sick of uploading the same old content. Brands should never feel it necessary to limit themselves to a particular content. With so many options available, your social feed should never feel dull.