Is Cyrix still in business?

Is Cyrix still in business?

Cyrix Corporation was a microprocessor developer that was founded in 1988 in Richardson, Texas, as a specialist supplier of math coprocessors for 286 and 386 microprocessors. The company was founded by Tom Brightman and Jerry Rogers….Cyrix.

Industry Semiconductors
Defunct November 11, 1997
Fate Merged and dissolved

What is Cyrix processor?

Browse Encyclopedia. A. (Cyrix Corporation, Richardson, TX) Founded in 1988, Cyrix was a manufacturer of x86-compatible CPU chips. Its first product was a math coprocessor. In 1992, it introduced a line of 486 CPUs, later followed by the 6×86 Pentium-class and 6x86MX Pentium II-class chips.

Who is Cyrix?

Cyrix is a machine and a musician starring in his own mod. He is a character of Matt$. He is head of MM Records, his own record label, owning his own recording studio which he invited Boyfriend into during the events of Vs. Cyrix.

How much gold is in a 486 processor?

33 grams per CPU. ​Note: The larger package size of the Pentium Pro CPU also means there is more ceramic material per pound, which is why the Intel 386 and 486 CPU’s command a higher value than the Pentium Pro.

What was the first AMD processor?

AMD’s first in-house x86 processor was the K5, launched in 1996.

When did via acquire most of Cyrix technology?

In 1999, VIA acquired most of Cyrix, then a division of National Semiconductor. That same year, VIA acquired Centaur Technology from Integrated Device Technology, marking its entry into the x86 microprocessor market. VIA is the maker of the VIA C3, VIA C7 & VIA Nano processors, and the EPIA platform.

What kind of processors are used in Cyrix laptops?

Large PC manufacturers such as Acer and Compaq weren’t convinced by Cyrix’s 486 CPUs and instead opted for AMD’s 486 processors. This still didn’t stop Intel from spending years in court alleging that Cx486 violated its patents, without ever winning a case.

When did the Via Cyrix 6×86 come out?

Forming from a small number of former Texas Instruments employees in 1988, Cyrix originally did not produce CPUs at all, but rather math coprocessors for 286 and 386 systems. A slow progression into the world of processor soon produced the well received Cyrix 6×86 from older products such as the Cyrix 5×86.

When did the Cyrix FPU coprocessor come out?

The first Cyrix product for the personal computer market was a x87 compatible FPU coprocessor. The Cyrix FasMath 83D87 and 83S87 were introduced in 1989. The FasMath provided up to 50% more performance than the Intel 80387. Cyrix FasMath 82S87, a 80287 -compatible chip, was developed from the Cyrix 83D87 and has been available since 1991.