Who is Laila Rouass husband?

Who is Laila Rouass husband?

Abdeslam Rouassm. 1990–2003
Laila Rouass/Husband

Who is Ronnie’s partner?

Laila Rouass (2012–)
Ronnie O’Sullivan/Partner

What nationality is Laila Rouass?

Laila Rouass/Nationality

How did Ronnie O’Sullivan meet Laila?

The couple, who had just been through break ups, met when Laila went to view his house. She did not know who he was. But after being shy on their first date things moved quickly and they moved in together three months later. They have been engaged since 2012.

Who is Laila Rouass dating?

Ronnie O’Sullivan (2012–)
Laila Rouass/Partner

Who does Ronnie O’Sullivan go out with?

Laila Abdesselam Rouass was born June 22, 1971 and is a British actress. She is best known for her portrayals of Amber Gates in Footballers’ Wives (2004–2006) and Sahira Shah in Holby City (2011–12).

Who is Ronnie O Sullivan’s mother?

Maria O’Sullivan
Ronnie O’Sullivan/Mothers

Four years later, his mother, Maria, was jailed for tax evasion, leaving O’Sullivan to look after his younger sister, Danielle.

Are Laila Rouass and Ronnie O’Sullivan a couple?

Is Laila Rouass married? Laila is engaged to snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan. He popped the question in 2013 but the couple are yet to tie the knot. She has one daughter, Inez, born in February 2007, whom she had with former partner Nasir Khan.

Who is Ronnie O’Sullivans girlfriend Laila Rouass?

RONNIE O’SULLIVAN’S mum has torn their family apart, branding his actress girlfriend Laila Rouass a “s**g”, the snooker star’s sister claims. Danielle, 36, says the latest row in her family’s turbulent history has led to her older brother becoming estranged from dad Ronnie Sr.

Who was Ronnie O’Sullivan’s partner at the OBE?

Ronnie O’Sullivan poses with partner and former Footballers Wives actress Laila Rouass as he collects OBE from Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. Snooker star Ronnie O’Sullivan collects his OBE at Buckingham Palace. Five-time world champion supported by partner Laila Rouass at the event.

Who is snooker star Ronnie O’Sullivan dating?

Kept it quiet: Snooker star Ronnie O’Sullivan is reportedly dating Footballer’s Wives actress and Strictly Come Dancing’s Laila Rouass.

Who are the parents of Ronnie O’Sullivan?

He has won five World Championships, seven Masters titles, seven UK Championships. Ronnie O’Sullivan’s birth took place on 5 December 1975 in Wordsley, West Midlands, England. He was born as Ronald Antonio O’Sullivan to father Ronald John O’Sullivan Sr. and mother Maria O’Sullivan (née Catalano). His parents ran a string of sex shops in Soho.