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Which is the best recipe for Murgh Musallam?

Which is the best recipe for Murgh Musallam?

Murgh Musallam, also known as Murg Musallam or Chicken Musallam is a dish where a whole chicken coated in masala is cooked to perfection. Always wondered how to make restaurant style Murgh Musallam at home? Then this Murgh Musallam recipe with detailed video is the way to go.

What does Murgh Musallam stand for in Urdu?

Murg in Urdu means chicken and Musallam stand for whole or entire. Thus we cook Murgh Musallam with a whole chicken, cooked in spices. Murgh Musallam is a lavish dish in which a whole chicken is marinated then stuffed with eggs and stuffing prepared from spices like saffron, cinnamon, cloves, poppy seeds, cardamom, and chili.

What kind of spices are used in Murgh Mussalam?

Blend ginger, garlic, yogurt, green chillies, salt, ½tsp red chilli powder, turmeric and garam masala into a thick marinade for the chicken. Marinate whole chicken, spreading masala inside the cavity and let rest in the fridge for 4 to 5 hrs.

How to marinate chicken for Shahi Murgh Musallam?

Marinate the chicken with yogurt, lime juice, turmeric powder, chili powder and salt. Make sure that you put the marinade from the inside of the stomach as well. Keep it marinated in refrigerator over night. Next day take out chicken at least half an hour before you start cooking. Mean while cook the rice till it is 90% done.

What’s the difference between Murg and chicken Musallam?

Making Murg or Chicken Musallam might take a little extra time, but the taste you achieve will be worth all the trouble. Traditional Murgh Musallam recipe is a mouth-watering delicacy that involves cooking the whole chicken stuffed with eggs.

Who was the first sultan to serve Murgh Musallam?

The first documented history of this dish refers to it as a favored dish served at the Sultanate of Delhi. A grand dinner hosted by Sultan Muhammad Bin Tughlaq (1325-1351 AD) for a Qazi (a wise person who settles conflicts and disputes) from a foreign land.