What is the verb of diminish?

What is the verb of diminish?

transitive verb. 1 : to make less or cause to appear less diminish an army’s strength His role in the company was diminished. 2 : to lessen the authority, dignity, or reputation of : belittle diminish a rival’s accomplishments.

What is the synonym and antonym of diminish?

diminish. Synonyms: lessen, reduce, contract, curtail, dwarf, decrease, subside, shorten, abate, retrench. Antonyms: increase, enlarge, expand, extend, amplify, magnify.

What does it mean to diminish something?

If you diminish someone or something, you talk about them or treat them in a way that makes them appear less important than they really are. He never put her down or diminished her.

Is diminish a verb or adjective?

The word diminished has been used as an adjective since at least the 1400s. The verb diminish comes from a blend of the Anglo-French-derived term diminuen, meaning “to lessen” (from Latin verb dēminuere, “to make smaller”), and the archaic word minish, which means the same thing as diminish.

What type of word is diminish?

The verb downplay is used in a similar way. To diminish a person is to reduce or take away from their stature, reputation, or authority in some way—to belittle or disparage them, as in The new tell-all book is clearly an attempt to diminish a man who is regarded as a legend in his field.

Is diminish a transitive verb?

1[intransitive, transitive] diminish (something) to become or to make something become smaller, weaker, etc. 2[transitive] diminish somebody/something to make someone or something seem less important than they really are synonym belittle I don’t wish to diminish the importance of their contribution. …

What are 5 synonyms diminish?


  • de-escalate,
  • decline,
  • decrease,
  • die (away or down or out),
  • drain (away),
  • drop (off),
  • dwindle,
  • What is the noun of diminish?

    diminishment. The act of diminishing; reducing in size, quantity, or quality.

    What are 2 synonyms for diminish?

    synonyms for diminish

    • decline.
    • dwindle.
    • ebb.
    • lessen.
    • lower.
    • reduce.
    • slacken.
    • wane.

    What is the synonym of taken?

    What is another word for taken?

    fond infatuated
    besotted captivated
    smitten bewitched
    enchanted charmed
    enraptured attracted

    What is the meaning of ‘diminish’?

    Use diminish in a sentence. verb. Diminish is defined as to make something seem smaller or less important. An example of diminish is to downplay the achievement of receiving a law degree from Harvard.

    What is an antonym for diminish?

    Antonyms for diminish. become or cause to be less: expand, raise, flatter, prolong, lengthen, extend, amplify, increase, rise, compliment, praise, strengthen, enlarge, grow, develop.

    What is another word for diminished?

    belittled, diminished, small(adj) made to seem smaller or less (especially in worth) “her comments made me feel small”. Synonyms: wasted, atrophied, lowly, humble, lessened, modest, small(a), minuscule, minor, pocket-sized, belittled, weakened, small, pocket-size, vitiated, little, small-scale, low. Antonyms:

    What is another word for diminishment?

    Synonyms for diminishment in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for diminishment. 12 synonyms for diminishment: abatement, curtailment, cut, cutback, decrease, decrement, diminution, drain, reduction, slash, slowdown, taper.