What is the Crossed virus?

What is the Crossed virus?

A cross infection is the transfer of harmful microorganisms, usually bacteria and viruses. The spread of infections can occur between people, pieces of equipment, or within the body. These infections can cause many complications. So, medical professionals work hard to ensure equipment safety and a clean environment.

Is Crossed any good?

The obvious depravity aside, Crossed is pretty great. The fact that it is a limited story like this helps it stay focused (and I don’t think I could see an on-going like this, that’d be too evil!) and the story flow is fantastic. Garth Ennis is a great story teller, sick and twisted nature and all.

How does the Crossed virus work?

The Crossed enjoy artfully mutilating the bodies of their victims, amputating limbs or worse. The infection spreads through bodily fluids, thus anyone raped by a Crossed will become a Crossed themselves, provided that their attackers don’t kill them before they turn (which they frequently do).

Who made Crossed?

Garth Ennis
Jacen Burrows

How many issues does Crossed have?

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Genre Horror, post-apocalyptic
Publication date September 2008 – March 2010
No. of issues 10 7 (Family Values) 1 (3D) 7 (Psychopath) 100 (Badlands) 22 (Wish You Were Here) 12 (Dead or Alive) 18 (+100)
Creative team

What is the point of crossed comic?

Plot synopsis. The story follows survivors dealing with a pandemic that causes its victims to carry out their most evil thoughts. Carriers of the virus are generally known as the “Crossed” due to a large, cross-like rash that appears on their faces – other names include “cross-faces” and “plus-faces”.

How many volumes of Punisher MAX are there?

12 Books
The Punisher MAX Book Series (12 Books)

What does it mean to be crossed?

Cross, ill-natured, peevish, sullen refer to being in a bad mood or ill temper. Cross means temporarily in an irritable or fretful state, and somewhat angry: He gave her a cross reply and walked out of the room.

What crossed arms?

‘Crossed arms’ is perhaps the most common body language gesture that we come across in our day-to-day lives. Crossing arms across the chest is a classic gesture of defensiveness. When someone is humiliated or criticized, they’re likely to cross their arms to assume the defensive mode.

What does I am crossed mean?

Hi, Yes. To be cross = to be angry. Tatz.

Are there any real examples of the crossed?

Soon human civilization is all but gone, and mankind is an increasingly endangered species. The Crossed themselves show considerable variation, as they are still self-aware individuals – albeit turned into homicidal maniacs. One of the most visible examples is the actual level of insanity demonstrated.

How much does Crossed comic book series cost?

Crossed is published by Avatar Press. Price per issue is $3.99. Series of mini-series. Now published monthly. Final issue of Badlands is #100. This is the current issue, and therefore no story information will be posted about this issue. Please check your local comic shop for copies of this issue. One-shot. Crossed, vol. 1 – Collects #0-9.

Is there a new series of crossed coming out?

A new series, Crossed: Badlands, is written and drawn by rotating creative teams. The franchise has also spawned two webcomics: Crossed: Wish You Were Here, which ran from 2012–2014, and Crossed: Dead or Alive, which began syndication in November 2014.

When does Charmed crossed, Triple Crossed come out?

Crossed, Triple-Crossed is the 19th issue of the Charmed Comics. It’s a Paige one-shot. For a complete plot of Crossed, Triple-Crossed, go here. When a criminal threatens Paige ‘s happy family, she looks to her past to deal with the mortal menace.