What is the best weapon in titanfall?

What is the best weapon in titanfall?

Titanfall 2: 10 Best Guns, Ranked

  • 10 L-STAR. The main weapon for the IMC robotic fighters, the L-STAR operates as an energy light machine gun.
  • 9 G2. The G2 is all about accuracy.
  • 8 Kraber. Similar to the G2, the Kraber is a single-shot sniper that delivers colossal damage.
  • 7 Cold War.
  • 6 Spitfire.
  • 5 Wingman.
  • 4 Flatline.
  • 3 Volt.

What is the strongest gun in titanfall 2?

The Alternator might have the best hipfire in the game, and combined with acceptable mid-range performance, it’s an extremely strong weapon. It plays like the midground between the R-97 and the CAR and is extremely powerful with the extended magazine. All in all, the Alternator is never a bad choice.

What is the best Titan weapon in titanfall 2?

The best Titan in Titanfall 2 is almost certainly the Tone. The gold medal Titan earns its number one spot for a few different reasons. It is the most popular titan, crowned by both a vote by the community, and being the most-chosen titan in the game.

How do you get the EPG in Gauntlet?

When you enter the Gauntlet Challenge, turn back and go to the shooting range. If you go to the very front where you drop down and respawn, you can spot the EPG on the front side way up there. Wall run on one side and quickly press X/Square to pick up the weapon.

Is the R 201 good?

It is praised to have extremely good accuracy, as it has an accuracy of 90.

How many kills is a killing spree in titanfall 2?


Award Value Description
Execution 50 Performed an Execution on an enemy pilot.
Kill (AI) 10 Killed an enemy AI soldier.
Killing Spree 50 Killed at least 3 enemies consecutively without dying.
Jump Kick Kill 100 Killed an enemy with a jump kick.

What is the best loadout in Titanfall?

Titanfall 2: Best Loadouts For PVP

  • CAR. The majority of skilled and sweaty players will be using the CAR.
  • Alternator. It may not be as good as the CAR, but the Alternator is more viable at extended ranges.
  • R-97.
  • Spitfire.
  • Devotion.
  • R101 Carbine.
  • R201 Assault Rifle.
  • P2016.

Who is the strongest Titan?

10 Strongest Attack on Titan Characters

  1. Captain Levi. At last — humanity’s strongest soldier.
  2. Mikasa. Mikasa saves Eren’s life quite frequently.
  3. Eren. Eren is the strongest titan.
  4. Annie. Annie is one tough titan.
  5. Zeke.
  6. Captain Erwin.
  7. Armin.
  8. The War Hammer Titan.

What is an EPG gun?

More. The EPG-1, or Energy Propelled Grenade, is an advanced plasma antipersonnel grenade launcher appearing in Titanfall 2. It fires slow-moving blue plasma grenades with high splash damage. The EPG is manufactured by Wonyeon Defense.

How does the Fold Weapon work in Titanfall 2?

Holograms within Titanfall 2 ‘s campaign suggest that the weapon generates a field of hyper gravity around its target. This does explain how the surface of Typhon shattered upon the weapon’s destruction. While exceptionally capable as a superweapon, much about the Fold Weapon is unknown.

Who are the manufacturers of weapons in Titanfall?

In the Titanfall universe, the various combatants employ a massive array of weaponry in various forms and functions. The majority of these weapons are manufactured by arms companies such as Lastimosa Armory, Wonyeon Defense, Emslie Tactical and Vinson Dynamics .

What do the core abilities do in Titanfall?

Some Core Abilities offer passive or defensive bonuses to their Titan, while others are direct attacks. The Laser Core, Flame Core, Burst Core, Salvo Core and Flight Core are all direct attacks, while the Smart Core, Upgrade Core, Damage Core and Sword Core all enhance or upgrade the outgoing damage of the parent Titan’s weaponry in some way.

What kind of weapon is the Fold Weapon?

The Fold Weapon is an ancient super-weapon of mass destruction of purportedly alien origin, capable of destroying entire planets.