Why Analytical Essay is So Difficult?

When you a student you have to write various essays every spare moment you have. But what concerns ordinary essays, they are easy, just because of that we write them more frequently. As for analytical essays, they are harder to write without any skills. But we are here to help you and tell how to write an analytical essay.

This one requires certain patience, stamina and time. Don’t be afraid, most importantly is to follow the steps described below:

Step 1. Preparing for an essay

Paragraph 1. Cluster and streamline the objectives of your work.

Writing an analytical essay means that you have some argument and you have to justify it. An analytical issue may be as follows: an idea of film or writing, some problem or idea in general.

First of all, divide your topic into parts and bring evidence of your own idea, whether from the text or film. It’s better when it’s your own evidence from your research because it’s encouraging when you conduct a separate investigation.

State some thesis and claim the arguments to the concrete part of the text or others.

Paragraph 2. You are to decide what you are going to write about.

Sometimes your teacher gives you the topic and the assignment but rarely you have to make up your own topic. You are to analyze and decide what is necessary to focus on. When your subject is fiction, you may concentrate on the motivation of some characters or several characters. You may argue about the main idea of the text or about the role of certain characters or actions. You have the freedom to choose and the most important thing is to use it correctly.

Paragraph 3. It’s time for brainstorming.

It’s normal to have no idea about what to write even if you choose the topic of your essay. You may know what idea you want to develop but don’t know how to do it.

Brainstorm will help you to think of different points of view and consider the ideas. Various views from different sides that are what you need. Concentrate on looking for recurring ideas, metaphors, pieces of texts and imageries. Such repeated things are very essential for the whole work, they carry meaning in themselves.

You may analyze the language of the author, the way he looks at the world and his work itself. Also, you might analyze the arguments of the author and argued against and give your own opinion. Maybe you think that the author’s point of view is ineffective and meaningless. Brainstorm can be very useful, fix those ideas that come into your head and make a mind map. Start with your central topic and develop above-mentioned ideas. Write down every thought in your head concerning your essay. This will lead you to well-organized work with your essay. This is a good way to start.

Paragraph 4. Make up your thesis.

It might be 2-3 central sentences which explain your position. This thesis tells the reader what is your essay about. It’s like short-handing. Within this step, it’s important not to be blurry and evident. Write concrete arguments as a thesis. It should be analytical because your work investigates something and substantiate the particular claim. Also, you are to find supporting evidence. It may be difficult if you are to work only with the primary source.

Good evidence plays on the side of your opinion and supports your arguments.

Paragraph 5. Make an outline or write a rough draft.

This can help to frame the whole essay. As we write an analytical essay try to be more certain and strict. Try not to use your emotions to write senseless work.

Step 2. Writing an analytical essay

When a rough draft of your work is finished you are to write your topic on clear paper and your work is done. There’s only give your work to your teacher and wait for a mark.

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