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What does OCBC NISP stand for?

What does OCBC NISP stand for?

History. Established in 1941, the bank was founded as NV Nederlandsch Indische Spaar en Deposito Bank in Bandung, then Dutch East Indies. In 1981, the bank was then renamed to PT Bank Nilai Inti Sari Penyimpan (Bank NISP).

What is N ISP?

The National Industrial Security Program (NISP) is a partnership between the federal government and private industry to safeguard classified information. The Order also calls for a single, integrated, cohesive system for safeguarding classified information in the industry.

Is OCBC owned by Singapore government?

OCBC Bank’s private banking services are provided by its wholly-owned subsidiary Bank of Singapore, which operates on a unique open-architecture product platform to source for the best-in-class products to meet its clients’ goals.

What does Tisp mean?


Acronym Definition
TISP Toilet Internet Service Provider (Google spoof)
TISP Tailored Information Support Plan
TISP Telephony Internet Service Provider
TISP Traffic Information Service Provider (telematics, Road Traffic)

What is NISP full form?

National Intelligence Support Plan. Military and Defence. NISP. Nuclear Weapons Intelligence Support Plan.

What is the full form of NISP?

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Is OCBC Bank safe?

OCBC is consistently ranked among the world’s top 50 safest banks by Global Finance and was named the ‘Best Managed Bank in Singapore and the Asia Pacific’ by The Asian Banker in 2016.

Is OCBC a Chinese?

In August 2007, we incorporated a local entity in China, OCBC Bank (China) Limited. It offered a suite of personal banking products and services that catered to individual financial needs, and business banking products and services to foreign companies and local enterprises operating in the market.

What is the full meaning of Cesac?

Abstract. The comparative education and adaptation centre (CESAC) was established in 1967 at the University of Lagos to help evolve a more suitable system of education that is continually adapted and responsive to the nation’s economic and social aspirations.


When did OCBC Bank merge with Bank NISP?

By 2008, OCBC Bank had become the main shareholder in Bank NISP and the bank was renamed Bank OCBC NISP. In 2011, OCBC NISP merged with OCBC Indonesia, where OCBC Indonesia was dissolved without going through liquidation.

How many branches does OCBC have in the world?

The bank’s global network has grown to comprise more than 570 branches and representative offices in 18 countries and regions. These include over 320 branches and offices in Indonesia under subsidiary Bank OCBC NISP, and more than 100 branches and offices in Hong Kong, China and Macao under OCBC Wing Hang Bank.

Who is Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, Limited?

Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, Limited (SGX: O39) (Simplified Chinese: 华侨银行有限公司), abbreviated as OCBC Bank (华侨银行), is a multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in OCBC Centre, Singapore.

Is the bank of Singapore part of OCBC Bank?

Bank of Singapore. Bank of Singapore, (formerly ING Asia Private Bank), is a wholly owned private banking subsidiary of OCBC Bank.