What are the 10 most endangered plants?

What are the 10 most endangered plants?

Endangered Plants

  • Croton alabamensis var.
  • Dalea reverchonii (Comanche Peak prairie clover)
  • Helianthus paradoxus (puzzle sunflower)
  • Quercus hinckleyi (Hinckley oak)
  • Salvia penstemonoides (big red sage)
  • Streptanthus bracteatus (bracted twistflower)
  • Styrax platanifolius ssp.
  • Zizania texana (Texas wildrice)

How many plants are listed as threatened or endangered in PA?

Pennsylvania is home to approximately 3,000 plant species, roughly two-thirds of those are considered native to the commonwealth. Of these native plants, 582 are classified by DCNR, with 349 considered rare, threatened, or endangered in Pennsylvania.

What are 5 endangered plants?

5 of the World’s Rarest and Most Endangered Plants

  • Western Underground Orchid. This is truly a weird one: a plant that spends its entire life living underground.
  • Pitcher plant. If you’ve never seen a pitcher plant before, you might be a little shocked by its appearance.
  • Jellyfish tree.
  • Corpse flower.
  • Wood’s cycad.

How many plants are listed as endangered?

There are 6147 plant species which are endangered or critically endangered. Additionally 1674 plant species (7.6% of those evaluated) are listed as data deficient, meaning there is insufficient information for a full assessment of conservation status.

Is it illegal to cut cattails in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory. The Common Cattail is a grass-like native plant to North Carolina. Never heard of cutting cattails being illegal, but the only real way to get rid of them all is to use a backhoe and dig them out. A permit is required to use an automated aquatic plant control device in.

Are cattails protected in PA?

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Is there a list of endangered plants?


Scientific Name Common Name Federal Listing Status
Agave eggersiana No common name Endangered
Alectryon macrococcus Mahoe Endangered
Allium munzii Munz’s onion Endangered
Alopecurus aequalis var. sonomensis Sonoma alopecurus Endangered

Which state has the most endangered plants?

The 25 states with the most endangered species

  • Virginia.
  • Georgia.
  • Tennessee.
  • Texas.
  • Alabama. Number of endangered species: 122 Wikimedia Commons.
  • Florida. Number of endangered species: 135 Wikipedia.
  • 2. California. Number of endangered species: 299 Wikimedia Commons.
  • Hawaii. Number of endangered species: 503 Wikimedia Commons.

What animals are native to Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is home to a variety of native species, from wildflowers to owls and scarlet maples to redbellied turtles. Native species are defined as those that have lived in the Pennsylvania region since before the advent of European settlement .

Which mammals are endangered?

Endangered Mammals Of The United States Of America. Red Wolfs, Florida Bonneted Bats, Cook Inlet Belugas, and Hawaiian Monk Seals are Critically Endangered in the U.S.A. The Red Wolf is a Critically Endangered species in the United States.

Is endangered species is species likely to become threatened?

Endangered species are those plants and animals that have become so rare they are in danger of becoming extinct. Threatened species are plants and animals that are likely to become endangered within the foreseeable future throughout all or a significant portion of its range.

Does the Endangered Species Act protect too many species?

The Act affords extensive protection for imperiled species and their habitats, addressing broad conservation concerns across the country. Since its inception in 1973, the Act has protected over 2,000 endangered, threatened and at-risk animal and plant species and has prevented the extinction of 99% of the species that it protects.