Is the Courier the strongest fallout protagonist?

Is the Courier the strongest fallout protagonist?

Takes on 2 big factions the legion and NCR. Like the courier has to be the strongest character.

Is it possible for the Lone Wanderer to be the courier?

The Lone Wanderer is later revived by a doctor but has no memory of who s/he is or his/her past (including the Capital Wasteland), only that s/he was a courier, so s/he adopts the name “The Courier” and embarks on a quest to find out who tried to Kill him/her.

Who is the strongest protagonist in Fallout?

the Courier
Proof that the Courier is the most powerful main character | Fandom.

How powerful is the Lone Wanderer?

The Lone Wanderer can kill the president of the Enclave, destroy the Enclave’s base at Adams Air Force Base, and potentially kill a powerful colonel. It is also impressive, considering they are only 19.

What happened to the lone wanderer?

Once the G.E.C.K. is retrieved, the Lone Wanderer is captured by Colonel Autumn and imprisoned at Raven Rock. There, President Eden presents the Wanderer with a canister of modified FEV for insertion into Project Purity, which would poison any mutated creature drinking the purified water.

Is the lonesome drifter the Lone Wanderer?

He is the “Lonesome Drifter” which is a more western/cowboy version “Lone Wanderer” and is wandering the wastes in search of his father.

What happens to the Lone Wanderer?

What race is the Lone Wanderer?

The Lone Wanderer is shown in promotional images as being a Caucasian male with brown hair, which is the first pre-made appearance in the character creation phase at the start of the game.

Is the Courier the Lone Wanderer in Fallout New Vegas?

This has always been a controversially debated topic, though most facts would state the Courier CANNOT be the Lone Wanderer because of a few points in the Fallout New Vegas game (e.g. the age slider) and the events at the Divide. There may still be some linkage however.

Why do I like to believe that the Lone Wanderer and Courier?

Throughout the the quest, For Auld Lang Syne, there is a vibe that the Courier already has some understanding of the Enclave, but helps the Remnants anyway because he has seen the humanity in them, which was absent in Fallout 3. All of the above is a self-opinionated story-line that I am convinced (for sake of closure) to believe.

Why did Ulysses kill the Courier in the Lone Wanderer?

Ulysses, who saw the name of the Courier on the list, surendered his job to “Courier Six,” knowing full well that the north of the Mojave would most likely kill the Courier for him.

What kind of dog does the Lone Wanderer have?

Takes such a strong fondness to the King’s dog, Roxie; as the Lone Wanderer did to Dogmeat. Knows his way around the vaults situated in the Mojave (as though he has been in one before, though a courier’s occupation would possibly never lead him into one).