What is a out of service tag?

What is a out of service tag?

Out-of-service tags are tags are used to withdraw unsafe plant and equipment from service, as described in Health & Safety: Unsafe plant and equipment requirements.

What does out of service tape tags mean?

Out of Service Tag (Maintenance) refers to a cardboard or plastic tag and is usually associated with a Yellow Group lock (complex isolations) that is utilised to indicate that the equipment, plant, or machinery presents a hazard and is being worked on by maintenance.

How do you fill out a service tag?

An out-of-service tag must list the:

  1. plant or equipment that is out of service;
  2. reason the plant or equipment is out of service;
  3. if applicable, conditions under which the plant or equipment can be used safely;
  4. name of the person completing the tag; and.
  5. date.

What Colour is a out of service tag?

Information Tags are NEVER to be used as an Out of Service or Danger Tag. An Out of Service Tag is highlighted in black and yellow on a white background. Anyone can place an Out of Service tag on equipment if they consider there is a risk of causing damage to materials, plant or personnel if operated.

When should you use an out of service tag?

When to Place an Out of Service Tag

  1. If you come across equipment, machinery, power tools, etc that are faulty; or.
  2. If an item is inoperable or unsafe or if it’s continued use would cause further damage or create a hazard.

What are safety tags?

Safety tags are used to prevent accidents in hazardous or potentially hazardous situations that are out of the ordinary, unexpected, or not readily apparent. Tags shall be used until the identified hazard is eliminated or the hazardous operation is completed.

What is a blue lock used for?

Blue Locks shall only be applied by competent Group Isolators and used in a Lock Box type Isolation. Isolation Confirmation Permit (D16/442) This form is used by a Group Isolator to record the details of the isolations and is used to verify that isolations have been performed correctly by another Group Isolator.

What are information tags used for?

Information safety tags are used to inform or warn personnel before using equipment or machinery. They feature the word INFORMATION written in blue text, followed by blue note-taking lines and spaces for the user to add relevant information.

What Colours are two tags?

Test and tag colours (RGBY) for construction and demolition

  • Red Tag – December, January and February.
  • Green Tag – March, April and May.
  • Blue Tag – June, July and August.
  • Yellow Tag – September, October and November.

What is a personal danger tag?

A personal danger tag on the isolation devices of an item of equipment is a warning that the equipment is unsafe and that operating the equipment may endanger the person who attached the tag. Removal of a personal danger tag from an isolating device should be carried out as soon as possible after completing the work.

What is a tag used for OSHA?

OSHA defines a tag as a device made of card, paper, pasteboard, plastic or other material used to identify a hazardous condition.

Where can I buy out of service tags?

Keep employees informed of faulty or broken machines and equipment with out of service tags from Our not in service tags are available in a number of styles and different message options. They are also sold in packs of five and come with nylon ties.

What to do with an out of service label?

When important equipment is out of service, use a simple tag or label to easily mark your equipment. We offer the classic Out of Service message in a variety of material designs. From economical cardstock to custom options, we have every type of message you’ll need for inventory, maintenance, or repair.

How to zoom in on out of service tag?

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How tall is an out of service Grainger tag?

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