Is Explore Scientific a good telescope?

Is Explore Scientific a good telescope?

Excellent scope! Built very well! I’ve had it out 4 times (bad and cold weather keeping me in) and used it both visually and planet astrophotography. Visually the stars are points, and as I jacked up the magnification (50x/inch) and the stars were still points and clear….

What is APO triplet?

Apochromatic (APO) lenses are designed to bring three wavelengths of light (red, green, and blue) into focus in the same plane. In contrast, achromatic lenses are corrected to bring two wavelengths into focus in the same plane.

What is triplet telescope?

Triplet Refracting Telescopes, or Triplets, as they are commonly referred to, are telescopes with 3 lenses. When compared to doublets, these are more expensive because they tend to be much better at color correction and will give the user a much cleaner view. Triplets are also classified as apoch…

What can you see with a 80mm telescope?

Here are some things you can see with an 80mm scope: Moon – extraordinary detail; you can see craters, domes, rills, etc. Study the terminator each night you can and use a program like Virtual Moon Atlas to verify what you see. Planets – phases of Mercury and Venus and even gibbous Mars away from opposition.

Who makes Bresser telescopes?

The Bresser Corporation is a Germany-based manufacturer of binoculars, telescopes and microscopes.

Where are Vixen telescopes made?

Since August 1985 Vixen Co., Ltd. has been located in Tokorozawa, Japan. In January 1992 their subsidiary manufacturing company’s name of Atlus Optical Co., Ltd.

What is a achromatic telescope used for?

Achromatic telescopes are just one type of refracting telescopes. They are great for solar observing with the correct solar filters of course. Depending on the focal length of the telescope, they can also be great for planetary observing.

What kind of telescope is the Explore Scientific ED80?

The Explore Scientific ED80 APO Triplet is a f/6 80mm telescope that is a great air-spaced refractor telescope for observing as well as for use in photography of celestial objects. This wide field instrument uses Hoya ED glass and has a classic white finish.

Is the scientific ED80 air spaced triplet refractor available?

Explore Scientific ED80 Essential Series Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor is Available for Back-Order Purchase or Layaway

Is the Explore Scientific 80mm apo a triplet telescope?

The Explore Scientific 80mm APO Triplet telescope now comes with a lighter carbon fiber optical tube that is less impacted by temperature locations when compared to a traditional metal tube. A triplet optical design virtually eliminates chromatic aberrations.

What kind of telescope is 80 mm F / 6 Ed?

The 80 mm f/6 ED APO carbon fiber telescope from Explore Scientific is a great air-spaced triplet refractor for observing as well as for use in photography of celestial objects. This wide field instrument, utilizing Hoya FCD-1 ED glass, comes equipped with a 99% dielectric-coated 2-inch diagonal and integrated Vixen-style dovetail mount.