Is Chocolope strain good?

Is Chocolope strain good?

Consumers report a strong, euphoric mental shift that is great when coping with depression or stress. Chocolope, also known as “D-Line,” is a popular sativa marijuana strain made by crossing Chocolate Thai with Cannalope Haze. The result is a delicious homage to the chocolate strains that were popular in the 1980s.

What does Chocolope smell like?

Chocolope Strain Smell and Flavor Chocolope buds have a dank and earthy smell, which is enhanced when you light up. But Chocolate Thai’s roots are probably the biggest booster for Chocolope’s popularity, since chocolate is a rare flavor for cannabis.

Is Chocolope an indica?

Chocolope weed is the brilliant genetic combination of two powerful Sativas; Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, hence the representative name of joining these types together. Its genetics are pure and distinguished, with an almost 100% sativa content, sitting just 5 percent below at a 95% sativa, 5% indica ratio.

How strong is Chocolope?

Chocolope Kush is an indica that creates quite a different high. Its THC level is normally at 15% but can be as high as 21%. Chocolope is great for both novice and avid cannabis users, creating a strong cerebral high that’s often described as dreamy, surreal, and thought-provoking.

What strain is Chocolato?

Chocolato Homegrown Cannabis Seeds The result is a 60% indica, 40% sativa hybrid marvel of taste that brings growing tricky gelato genetics within reach of any grower with modest experience.

Is Big Bud potent?

Big Bud effects are mostly calming. Big Bud potency is higher than average. Big Bud is an indica marijuana strain made from a three-way cross of Afghani, Northern Lights and Skunk #1. This strain is best for indoor growing and has a flowering time of 57 days.

What strain is pie hoe?

Pie Hoe is a gassy, grape-flavored cross between Grape Pie and Tahoe OG. Originally developed in Colorado by the team at Cannarado, the strain grew in popularity began to take off in popularity once the LA-based company Jungle Boys began producing its own phenotype.

What strain is tiramisu?

Tiramisu is an indica dominant strain with a sweet, woody, and earthy aroma. Its lineage is Mendo Magnum Opus and OGKB 2.0. Tiramisu is a dense flower with frosty green leaves and orange pistils.