How do you teach yourself to be accountable?

How do you teach yourself to be accountable?

How to Teach Accountability In A Positive WayPraise Publicly and Positively. Being heavy-handed with praise is an important virtue for any youth sports coach to have. Be Clear With Expectations and Consequences Rewards. Stay Accountable to the Process, Not the Result. Keep Learning and Modeling Positive Behavior. Practice Patience.

How do I get my teenager to be accountable?

Demonstrate personal responsibility. So if you want your teen to take responsibility for their actions, you should do the same. Avoid blaming others. Follow rules, and don’t avoid the consequences if you break them. If you make a mistake, admit it, apologize, and make amends if possible.

How can I keep interest in studies?

Best 10 Ways to Develop Interest in Studies#1 Meditation. #2 Prepare a Time – Table. #3 Understand its Relevance for your Future. #4 Set Your Goals. #5 Develop Fun in your Studies. #6 Listen to Your Voice. #7 Create a Competition for yourself. #8 Leave the company of Friends who distract You.