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Has StreetPass been discontinued?

Has StreetPass been discontinued?

On March 28, 2018, StreetPass Relays worldwide were shut down, with the exception of the Nintendo store in New York City and Best Buy locations In Canada.

How does SpotPass work?

SpotPass is a feature that lets Nintendo 3DS family system detect wireless hotspots or wireless LAN access points and obtain information, game data, free software, and videos from Nintendo or the software in use. When a SpotPass notification is received, the notification LED will blink blue.

Does the 2DS have StreetPass?

Your Nintendo 2DS system can wirelessly exchange game data with other Nintendo 3DS family consoles as you pass other players on the street, without you having to lift a finger! Find out more about StreetPass at our dedicated StreetPass hub. …

How do you StreetPass someone?

Just chuck the 3DS in your bag, wireless mode turned on, system in sleep mode, and by the end of the day the light in the top right corner of your system will have turned green. You will have StreetPassed a whole bunch. If you go to a big gaming convention like PAX, you’ll have an easy time of it, too.

What can you buy in SpotPass with Streetpass?

You will find 2 types of items in the Import Ware. Every time you streetpass an island, you will be able to buy the Export Item from that island in the Import Ware. Every half month (1st and 16th of the month) there will be a new item available in the Import Ware via SpotPass.

How to StreetPass over the Internet [ homepass ]?

If you do then everything is setup, now you simply need to connect your 3DS to the [email protected] wireless network to begin streetpassing people over the internet. You should see the [email protected] wireless network which is been hosted by your PC, click on that and set the connection up. How to see what games StreetPass has been enabled for?

How does the street pass work on the 3DS?

StreetPass is a feature that is built into the Nintendo 3DS hardware. When the console is in sleep mode, the system will send out data for games with it activated, and receive data, automatically without you and the other player having to actually connect.

What do you get when you use SpotPass on 3DS?

Once connected, special items will download automatically to your system via the SpotPass feature, even while in sleep mode. Some of these surprise items include exclusive content and promotions from Nintendo Zone™, unique 3D videos from the Nintendo Video™ service, and add-on game content from your favorite Nintendo 3DS games!