Is Helghan a human?

Is Helghan a human?

The Helghast are a race of mutated pale-skinned hairless humans with increased strength, stamina, intelligence and height. They are the descendants of Helghan Corporation colonists who resettled on the barren planet Helghan following in the aftermath of the First Extrasolar War.

Why do Helghast eyes glow?

The caustic unbreathable air of Helghan has completely mutated the lungs of the Helghast. While their glowing orange goggles have been equipped to help protect their eyes from dust and debris caught in the harsh winds of Helghan.

Why do Helghast wear masks?

Helghast wear gas masks because they can only breathe Helghan’s atmosphere. The masks have become a symbol of pride for the Helghan, kind of like “reclaiming” slurs.

Who is radec?

Radec is the model of a perfect Helghast solider, regarded as one of the greatest and most fearsome soldiers of their army and even the forces of the ISA respect his skill.

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How tall are helghast?

Helghast are taller than the everage human by a rate of six inches to one foot in height, with seven foot tall helghast being a fairly common sight amongst the species.

What happened to Rico in Killzone?

Killzone: Shadow Fall Rico and Sev are labeled war criminals after stopping Stahl’s attempt to exterminate Earth. After returning to Vekta, Rico along with Sev, both went into hiding due to the surviving Helghast being aware of their involvement in the Terracide.

Who is the ruler of the Helghan Empire?

The Helghan Empire is the main autocratic government of the Helghast people and is the main governing body on the planet Helghan. It was founded by Scolar Visari as the country’s Autarch and the supreme ruler of the nation.

What did the Helghan Empire do to the Vektans?

Though defeated, the Helghast bear resentment towards the Vektans, blaming them for causing the Terracide that destroyed their civilization and livelihood. As a result, the Helghast largely refused to assimilate into “human” culture, creating a societal divide between the native Vektans and embittered Helghast.

What’s the name of the capital city of Helghan?

Pyrrhus Deep, also called Pyrrhus City, is the largest populated area and capital city of Helghan. Notable locations included Visari Square, Visari Palace, Visari Corporation, Stahl Arms, Corinthmetall, and the Vektan Embassy.

Who are the survivors of the Helghan Empire?

The survivors of planet Helghan were granted refuge on Vekta where they founded New Helghan, the official successor state of the Empire. Those that remained on Helghan were secretly united under Jorhan Stahl and slowly rebuilt Helghan’s military might, and swearing revenge on their enemies.