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Do they still make transistor radios?

Do they still make transistor radios?

Transistor radios are still commonly used as car radios. Billions of transistor radios are estimated to have been sold worldwide between the 1950s and 2012.

Can transistor radio be repaired?

Even Beginners Can Do These You don’t need to understand much radio theory or any engineering formulas to do many common AM transistor radio repairs. You might need to do some soldering and desoldering. If you have never done these things, they are fun and easy to learn.

What is the most valuable transistor radio?

Regency TR-1
Although it is not an outstanding performer, the Regency TR-1 is touted as the “First” transistor radio and is probably the most valued and sought after transistor radio by collectors. A pair of TR-1s recently sold for $5,000 at auction on-line.

Can you solder a broken radio antenna?

Locate the antenna wire and disconnect it from the broken antenna. Solder it to the center post in the BNC connector. Install the cover and attach a flexible antenna (called a “rubber duck” by ham operators).

Where can I buy a 1960s transistor radio?

You can find an array of options available on eBay. If you’re interested in buying a stylish transistor radio, remember that collectors often look for models that have reverse-painted plastic. Radios between 1958 and 1962 had intricate artwork inside the plastic, which made these radios more desirable among collectors.

How are transistors used in regenerative radio receivers?

The Regenerative receiver uses some of the same components as the TRF receiver but adds transistors to amplify the radio frequency and audio frequency signals used by the radio station. The Renerative receiver is extremely sensitive to weak signals but it is more complicated than a TRF receiver.

Which is the best FM transistor radio player?

AM FM Transistor Radio – Best Reception and Longest Lasting. AM FM Portable Radio Player Operated by 2 AA Battery, Mono Headphone Socket, by Vondior (Silver) . NOAA Weather Radio – Emergency NOAA/AM/FM Battery Operated Portable Radio with Best Reception and Longest Lasting Transistor.

Are there any collectable Panasonic transistor radios left?

Panasonic collectible radios from the 1970s, such as Panapet and Toot-A-Loop, are also instant hits with collectors. These and some other transistor radios were produced in the late ’60s and ’70s, but they continue to impress individuals interested in classic tech gadgets.