Where is Moein from?

Where is Moein from?

Najafabad, Iran
Moein/Place of birth

Moein was born in Najafabad, a city in Isfahan Province of Iran. He began his artistic career as a radio singer and released several albums before Yeki Ra Doost Midaram in 1986, which was his first album to be widely noticed in Iran.

How old is Moein Iranian singer?

69 years (January 20, 1952)

Where is Googoosh now?

All these reason made Googoosh stay in Los Angeles, then move to New York with her husband. However, during her stay in New York, she suddenly decided to return to Iran.

How tall is Farah?

1.74 m
Farah Pahlavi/Height

What ethnicity is Googoosh?

Iranian Azerbaijani
Googoosh was born Faegheh Atashin on 5 May 1950 in the Sarcheshmeh neighborhood, Tehran, to parents Nasrin and Saber Atashin, Saber being an Iranian Azerbaijani and Nasrin being an Azerbaijani immigrant from the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic.

What happened to Googoosh’s mother?

Faegheh Atashin, nicknamed Googoosh, was born in 1950 in Tehran. She lost her mother when she was an infant and moved with her father to Tehran. Googoosh is said to have been a victim of underworld organizations who controlled cabarets and bars in Tehran.

What is the Shah’s wife called?

Farah Pahlavim. 1959–1980
Soraya Esfandiary-Bakhtiarym. 1951–1958Fawzia Fuad of Egyptm. 1939–1948
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi/Wife

Who is Moein and what kind of music does he sing?

Nasrollah Moein Najafabadi (Persian: نصرالله معین نجف آبادی) known as Moein is an Iranian singer known for his love songs. Born in 1951 in Najafabad in Esfahan, Iran. He has played lots of concerts across the world. In 1982, after Writing “Yeki Ra Doost Midaram”, he left the country.

Who are the Daughters of the Iranian singer Moein?

He is referred to as “Javdan Sedaye Eshgh,” which translates to “The Eternal Voice of Love”. He has two daughters, Parichehr and Setareh. This article on an Iranian singer is a stub.

What does the name Moein mean in Persian?

For the Persian language encyclopedia, see Moeen Encyclopedic Dictionary. Moeen or Moein is a given name and surname. It is a Quranic name which means: helper, supporter, or provider of refuge.

Who is the most famous singer in Iran?

Nasrollah Moein Najafabadi (Persian: نصرالله معین نجف‌آبادی‎) more commonly known as Moein (Persian: معین‎, Persian pronunciation: [moˈ(ʔ)in]), is a prominent Iranian singer. Moein was born in Najafabad, a city in Isfahan Province of Iran.