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Are Rossi shotguns any good?

Are Rossi shotguns any good?

Conclusion. Rossi’s firearms set themselves apart by being highly affordable and still durable over time. They are considered a relatively low-end brand, but their guns are not made in a cheap way, nor are they cheap-looking.

Are Rossi and Taurus the same company?

357 Magnum revolvers under contract with Rossi. Revolvers sold by BrazTech with the Rossi name are manufactured in a brand new facility owned by Taurus in SaoLeopoldo, Brazil. Today’s Rossi is still run by the same family and they put the same dedication and innovation into every firearm.

Does Rossi have a lifetime warranty?

Lifetime Repair Policy** Without extending our normal warranty, we will repair, free of charge, any firearm manufactured or distributed by BrazTech International L.C. The terms, conditions and limitations of this unique lifetime repair policy will be contained on the card accompanying each firearm.

What kind of rifle is a Rossi matched pair?

Rossi Matched Pair Youth Rifle -The youth-size Rossi Matched Pair makes the perfect first gun for teaching young hunters how to safely shoot and hunt with a smaller stock and barrel to ensure that the first time out is a pleasant experience.

What kind of gun is a Rossi muzzle loader?

But Rossi makes a number of different types of these guns in common calibers, too. You can have the pair as a rifle or as a pistol. And they even make one that comes with three barrels – the Rossi Full Sized Muzzle Loader Matched Set comes with barrels for 12 gauge, .22 LR and .50 Muzzle Loader.

Which is the best place to buy a Rossi gun?

At Rossi, it is more than just building guns, it is a family history and tradition. Millions of gun owners have turned to Guns.com for the best information on all things guns. Guns.com leads the industry with in-depth reviews, breaking news and top-notch gun sales and service.

What kind of stock does the Rossi R92 use?

R92 Lever Action No rifle does classic American styling and swift, light handling like Rossi’s legendary R92. Built on the proven model 92 lever action and now available in 454 Casull. The Rossi R92 combines a traditional hardwood stock with blued or stainless-steel finish to deliver a big-bore rifle suitable for the backwoods or the back forty.