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Why was the Napoleon Dynamite TV show Cancelled?

Why was the Napoleon Dynamite TV show Cancelled?

The movie may be a cult favorite but the Napoleon Dynamite TV show wasn’t popular enough for FOX. They’ve cancelled the animated series after one season. That downward trend likely concerned the FOX execs quite a bit and was likely the deciding factor in the show’s fate.

Is Jon Heder a twin?

No, you’re not seeing double — you’re just seeing identical twins, Jon and Dan Heder, 39. You may remember Jon from his breakout role in “Napoleon Dynamite.” Dan is also active in show business. He has been credited with several producer gigs and has acted in various short films over the years.

Will there be a season 2 of Napoleon Dynamite?

Napoleon Dynamite is still popular with audiences to this day, and many of the catch phrases from the movie have entered the common parlance. Fans have long clamored for a sequel, to show what the characters are like as adults, but besides a short-lived animated TV series, nothing has been forthcoming.

Is Napoleon Dynamite owned by Disney?

The film was Hess’ first full-length feature and is partially adapted from his earlier short film, Peluca. Napoleon Dynamite was acquired at the Sundance Film Festival by Fox Searchlight Pictures, who partnered up with MTV Films and Paramount Pictures for the release….

Napoleon Dynamite
Box office $46.1 million

How much did Jon Heder make for Napoleon Dynamite?

Making a movie on that tight of a budget means making some sacrifices, especially for the individuals who are closest to the project. This included Jon Heder, who received only $1,000 to star in Napoleon Dynamite.

How much did Jon Heder negotiate for Napoleon Dynamite?

Jason Lee was offered the role of Uncle Rico while Brad Garrett auditioned for Rex and enjoyed the script, but decided not to commit. Heder was paid $1,000 for starring in the film, but successfully negotiated to receive more after the film became a runaway success.