Why do students pass their projects late?

Why do students pass their projects late?

So the second reason: unforeseen events is the most common reason for submitting assignments late. This is one of the most common yet not so good excuses for not handing in homework. There could be some personal constraints like an illness, an accident, lack of concentration or prior commitments.

How do you submit an assignment on time?

The following strategies are what I used to ensure that all of my assignments were submitted on time.Create A Time Table. Gather Information For Your Online Assignments Beforehand. Make Notes As You Read The Course Materials. Start Doing Your Online Assignment In Advance. Final Word.

How do I submit an assignment on Flvs?

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Does Flvs work on IPAD?

FLVS System Requirements Lightweight devices such as Apple iPads, Google Chromebooks, and tablets have limited support for Java or Flash which still appear in a small percentage of our catalog. FLVS is working to de-flash our remaining course content.