Why do clownfish live in coral reefs?

Why do clownfish live in coral reefs?

Sea anemones live attached to the surface of coral reefs. This allows the clownfish to swim comfortably between the tentacles of anemones, creating a protected environment in which potential predators are killed off by anemone stings.

How many clownfish live in the Great Barrier Reef?

Learn More About Clownfish and The Great Eight There are 1625 species of fish living in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef. The clownfish is just one of these.

What type of coral do clownfish live in?

Toadstool Corals are great for beginners in the saltwater aquarium hobby, as they are easy to care for, and almost any tank bred clownfish like Percula Clownfish, Osciellera, etc. will host them. They look a little like mushrooms, and they are often called mushroom corals as well.

How have clown fish adapted to coral reefs?

Adaptation. The clownfish has made many adaptations in order to survive better in its habitat. First, this particular species has more rounded caudal fins than other anemonefish, making it a naturally slow, less effective swimmer. This resistance is enabled by a mucus produced by the clownfish, which coats the body.

What are some interesting facts about clown fish?

Although the sea anemone can kill fish that touches it, the clownfish seems immune to its poison. One theory is that a young clownfish builds up immunity by gently brushing against the sea anemone and being stung mildly. This causes the clownfish’s body to secrete a special soothing, protective mucus as a reaction to this.

Why do clownfish live in the coral reef?

All Clownfish are born male but some will switch gender to become the dominant female in a group. For protection , they hide among anemone , immune to their poison. Clownfish live in the shallow waters of coral reefs where they have a mutually beneficial relation with a few species of sea anemone.

Are clown fish a hardy fish?

Clown fish are colourful, cute and sometimes amusing inhabitants of tropical reefs from several places around the world, including the Great Barrier Reef. They are a hardy fish, and with the proper aquarium and care, can be safely kept in the home for many years. Clown fish are small (2-8cm), brightly coloured tropical marine fish.

What are facts about clownfish?

5 Interesting Facts About Clownfish They Are Aggressive. Clownfish are actually one of the more aggressive fish there is for its size. Lots of Different Colors. The typical clownfish is seen as being orange and white, but these fish can come in a wide variety of colors. An Interesting Life. A Short Incubation. They Hate Captivity.