Why did Luke kill the kids?

Why did Luke kill the kids?

However, with Ben Solo, his own student and nephew, Luke attempted to murder the child in his sleep based on the fact that he saw Kylo Ren in a dream when looking into Ben’s mind. He saw Supreme Leader Ren, he saw the pure hatred that would go on to live inside Kylo’s soul.

Why did Skywalker kill the younglings?

Although Skywalker was a star pupil of the Jedi Order, he also had a tenuous relationship with the Council before the events of Revenge of the Sith. The younglings served as a reminder that Skywalker never really fit in with the Jedi Order, which likely influenced his decision to kill them.

Did Luke know Anakin killed younglings?

, a walking and talking Star Wars encyclopedia. It’s not explicitly stated, but he most definitely did not have any knowledge of the specific actions committed with it. Vader killing the younglings was an affair that died with the children and the Sith Lord himself.

Was Anakin meant to kill the younglings?

Now Anakin was tasked with going to the Jedi Temple to “do what must be done”. This certainly means that he was supposed to kill all the Jedi in the temple, but younglings haven’t reached the rank of Jedi yet.

Did Luke really kill Ben?

He doesn’t actually try to kill Ben. That said, the reason Luke took even those steps is that he sensed a growing darkness in his nephew, and for an instant, he considered killing Ben in order to eliminate that darkness.

Did Vader regret killing younglings?

Lucasfilm has released a new preview for the upcoming Marvel comic Darth Vader #7, by Greg Pak and Raffaele Iencowhich, which reveals the Dark Lord of the Sith never truly got over the slaughter of the Younglings. Now, the ghosts of the past return to haunt Vader once again – as the things he regrets.

How did Luke fail Ben solo?

I know much of the lore. He was written to do that. This is not Luke Skywalker. The in-movie explanation was that Luke ignited his lightsaber with the intent to kill but decided not to, and Ben just woke up at the wrong moment.

What happened between Luke and Ben solo?

Ben Solo believed that his master, Luke Skywalker, had betrayed him. Skywalker instinctively ignited his lightsaber to prevent what he had seen by killing Solo, but the moment passed quickly into shame for thinking of killing his nephew. Solo awakened to his uncle standing over him with an ignited blade.