Why did Haneke remake Funny Games?

Why did Haneke remake Funny Games?

Haneke claims he had always wanted Funny Games to be seen widely by a U.S. audience as the film was commenting predominantly on violence in American cinema. So when he was offered the chance to direct an English language remake, he gladly accepted — on the condition that Naomi Watts played the lead.

Is Funny Games a shot-for-shot remake?

The film is a shot-for-shot remake of the 1997 film, albeit in English and set in the United States with different actors. Like the original, the film follows a middle class family as they encounter two young men on their vacation. Exterior scenes were filmed on Long Island.

Are Funny Games comedy?

A trailer for the U.S. version of Funny Games makes it look like a comedy, which is very misleading. But, if these trailers serve to bring audiences into the movie houses — the audience that I like to attract — that’s fine with me.

What happened at the end of Funny Games?

After Peter shoots Georgie, Paul scolds him for killing the child first because it goes against convention and limits the suspense for the rest of the film. At the end of the film, the murderers prevent Anna from using a knife in the boat to cut her bonds.

Does the dog get hurt in Funny Games?

It shows a dead golden retriever falling out of the back of a vehicle when the hatch is open. Dog is beaten to death offscreen with a golf club. …

How scary are funny games?

The film becomes more disturbing as the “games” become more sadistic, inflicting pain and torture on the captive family. Very little is actually shown, but the psychological violence is intense. The whole thing veers into postmodern self-referential commentary in the last act.

What language is Funny Games in?

Funny Games/Languages

What was the point of Funny Games?

Since the first version came out 11 years ago, the ostensible meaning of Funny Games has been extensively rehearsed. Its point, runs the consensus, is to confront us with our hypocritical taste for the ersatz clown-violence of modern Hollywood in its various genres.

How many dogs died in 8 below?

I learn from Variety that “Eight Below” is inspired by a Japanese film, itself based on real events, but in the 1958 “true story,” seven of nine dogs died.

What kind of movie is Funny Games by Michael Haneke?

Michael Haneke’s “Funny Games” is a postmodern take on the realistic illusion of film. It is a self-referential exploration of the truth-value of artificial images and the “entertainment” of violence.

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Who are some manipulative masters like Michael Haneke?

But it is interesting that while Haneke is criticized for this, critics hail other “manipulative” masters like Hitchcock, Kubrick and Spielberg because they manipulate for entertainment’s sake.

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