Who won the Royal Melbourne Hospital Home Lottery 2021?

Who won the Royal Melbourne Hospital Home Lottery 2021?

A woman’s life has been changed forever after taking home the early bird prize in the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s home lottery. Tony Jones called winner Cathy to let her know the good news — she has to choose between $400,000 in gold or a 2021 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R Coupe! Her reaction: “Oh my lord, you’re kidding me!”

How often is the Royal Melbourne home lottery?

How many Royal Melbourne Hospital Home Lotteries are there? There are two Royal Melbourne Hospital Home Lotteries per calendar year.

Are MS Home lottery tickets tax deductible?

Is my MS Dream Car Lottery ticket tax deductible? No. Tickets purchased in the MS Dream Car Lottery are not tax deductible.

Is the Royal Melbourne home lottery tax deductible?

No. Tickets purchased are not tax deductible. How many prizes are in the home lottery?

How much is parking at Royal Melbourne Hospital?


Parking duration Fee
4 – 5 hours $30
Daily maximum $35
Weekends $10 flat rate
Night rates $10 enter after 5pm, exit before 6am

Do you pay tax on a prize home?

If you sell your prize home for more than it’s valuation on the date that you won the prize home, you will generally need to pay capital gains tax (CGT) on any increase (that is, the difference between the valuation price on the date that you won your prize home and the sale price of your prize home).

Who won the MS Lottery 2021?

Thanks to your incredible support, the MS Dream Car Lottery sold out early and all prize draws took place on Friday, 20 August 2021! Congratulations to Lia with ticket number 496 who has won the Grand Prize!

What happens when you win the Royal Melbourne Hospital lottery?

As a Royal Melbourne Hospital Home Lottery Grand Prize winner, you are awarded your new home free and clear of any encumbrances. All fees involved with the transfer of the property such as stamp duty and title taxes will be paid for by The Royal Melbourne Hospital Foundation. What are my costs after I take possession of my new home?

What are the prizes for the RMH home lottery?

You could be living the dream mortgage free in Brighton East AND with $250,000 in gold!! There are 14,315 prizes to win including 6 Land Rover Bonus Draws, 8 luxury vehicles, holidays to Hawaii, Norway, New England and more! There are hundreds of other entertainment and leisure prizes with a minimum $100-prize value!!

How much does it cost to buy a lottery ticket in Melbourne?

There are plenty of ways in which you can support The Royal Melbourne Hospital Foundation! You can purchase your Home Lottery ticket as part of a syndicate or alternatively, you can purchase a ticket in our Cash Calendar Lottery from just $20, or in our Holiday for Life Lottery that starts at just $10. What does it mean to become a Member?

Which is the largest home lottery in Victoria?

The Royal Melbourne Hospital Home Lottery is the largest lottery in Victoria. Over 6,540 prizes valued at more than $5 million were awarded including the fully furnished and professionally decorated Grand Prize Glenvill Show home in Hampton, premium cars, worldwide holidays and many more.