Who wins Freda vs Hakeem?

Who wins Freda vs Hakeem?

With an old school rap beat at his back, Hakeem wins everyone over, making a very telling statement at the end. Since Lucious obviously sees Freda as the son he never had, Hakeem drops his last name. And the winner of the battle, as decided by the crowd: “Hakeem — No Lyon.”

Who won the rap battle in Empire?

‘Empire,’ Season 2, Episode 8 Recap: The Real Winner of the Rap Battle Was Pepsi-Cola. Credit where credit is due — a rap battle is the perfect high-stakes musical set piece for Empire, and the show largely pulled off Hakeem Lyon and Freda Gatz’s lyrical throwdown.

What episode does Hakeem battle Freda?

My Bad Parts
My Bad Parts. Lucious releases a rap by Freda, which causes Hakeem to issue a rap-battle challenge; Cookie’s sister visits; Jamal tries to land a big sponsorship deal; Anika receives life-altering news.

What happened to Freda Gatz Empire?

Freda Gatz is back on Empire, y’all, and I think she’ll be warming up the stage a lot sooner than we all thought. After a stint in jail for shooting Jamal Lyon (the bullet was meant for Lucious, though, because he killed her father), she is back on the outside, and I bet she’ll be making music soon.

What is Hakeem from Empire real name?

Bryshere Y. GrayEmpire
Hakeem Lyon/Played by

Bryshere Yazuan Gray (born November 28, 1993), also known by the stage name Yazz the Greatest or simply Yazz, is an American actor and rapper, best known for his role as Hakeem Lyon in the Fox primetime musical drama television series Empire.

Who murdered Frank gathers Empire?

When it looked like Lucious was going to be killed by Frank’s — very quickly assembled — squad, Lucious killed Frank. Well, not by himself, but he ordered it. If that’s the end of Frank Gathers, then #RIP.

Who raps for Hakeem on Empire?

Bryshere Y. Gray

Bryshere Y. Gray
Nationality American
Other names Yazz Yazz the Greatest
Occupation Actor rapper
Known for Empire as Hakeem Lyon The New Edition Story as Michael Bivins

What is Freda Gatz real name?

Freda Gatz/Played by
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. Calesha “Bre-Z” Murray (born July 22, 1987) is an American actress and rapper, best known for her roles as Tamia “Coop” Cooper in the American drama series All American and as Freda Gatz in Empire.

Is Coop from All American a girl?

BRE-Z is an American actress and rapper best known for her roles as “Coop” in the drama series All American and Freda Gatz in Empire.

Who is Hakeem on Empire biological father?

Lucious Lyon
Hakeem Lyon/Fathers