Who should you choose Amita or Sabal?

Who should you choose Amita or Sabal?

Balance of power M2: Chose Amita, saved the drug fields. Gotta make money somehow, even if it’s through such means of drug trade. Balance of power M3: Chose Amita, destroying the factory would be counter productive to M2. If you chose Sabal, after the end happens there’s a slaughter when you fly to the temple island.

Should I destroy the temple in Far Cry 4?

Jalendu Temple is a location within Kyrat in Far Cry 4. If the player selects Amita as the leader of the Golden Path, the temple will be destroyed, not only to liberate Kyrat from its conservative past but also to prevent Bhadra from becoming the next Tarun Matara, as the temple is where the ceremony takes place.

What happens if Amita leads the Golden Path?

In the mission To Reap What You Sow, if Amita is selected to lead the Golden Path, she will order Ajay to kill Sabal, arguing that by splitting the Golden Path, he will inevitably create another civil war and betray Ajay for siding with her.

Does Bhadra want to be Tarun Matara?

Bhadra is considered by the Traditionalists to be the Tarun Matara, the living embodiment of the Goddess Kyra. The Tarun Matara’s duties are never explicitly stated but she is touted as a religious icon for those who still hold to the traditional religion and mythology of Kyrat.

Is Ajay Ghale Pagan Min’s son?

Trivia. Pagan treats Ajay like his son even though he is his step-father. Pagan is very patient towards Ajay and gives him plenty of chances. Pagan Min is not the uncle of Ajay, but in one of the radio chats, he says, “Just checking in on my favorite nephew” and referred to himself as “Uncle Pagan here.”

What happened to Bhadra in farcry 4?

Possible Death If the player chose to make Sabal the leader, Bhadra is made the Tarun Matara in the ceremony of purification in blood, by slaughtering Amita’s followers in front of her. She does not die as a result of this ending.

Did you side with sabal or Amita in Far Cry 4?

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What do you do in Far Cry 4 mission 4?

Mission 4: In this Mission you have the choice to destroy the temple or to get. You hit on Sabals side, you can execute Amita. Then Sabal makes Bahdra to the goddess and also the Amita’s entourage executed. You decide against Sabal and let Amita live, to be drawn in the result of Sabals followers on Amita’s side and for the Golden path required.

How does Amita choose the Golden Path in Far Cry 4?

Amita asks Ajay to infiltrate the camp and steal the intelligence, even if it means sacrificing lives at the outpost under attack. Choosing to find the intelligence for Amita will result in the death of nine of Sabal’s best men, but also tips Amita off to an impending attack on a Golden Path monastery.

Which is mission do you choose Amita or sabal?

You choose Amitas, you have to obtain objects from the warehouse of the Golden path. Mission 2: choose Sabal, you need to burn the Opium fields. You choose Amita, that means, to get the Opium seed from the Kyra Tea Factory, in order to Finance future activities.