Who owns Spindrift brewery?

Who owns Spindrift brewery?

Andy Armstrong – Co Owner of Spindrift Brewing Company has over 30 years in the beverage alcohol industry, dating back to his university days at Laurentian, where he was both Campus Rep and Summer Rep for Labatt.

Who makes Toller beer?

Spindrift Brewing Company
Toller Lager (24-pack 355ml) – Spindrift Brewing Company.

How many breweries are in Nova Scotia?

In 2019, Ontario, Canada, was home to nearly 270 licensed beer breweries….Number of licensed breweries in Canada as of December 2020, by region.

Characteristic Number of licensed breweries
Nova Scotia 46
New Brunswick 26
Saskatchewan 15
Newfoundland and Labrador 17

Who owns Epic Brewing?

David Cole and Peter Erickson are the founders and co-owners of Epic Brewing Company. Cole and Erickson, originally from California, started an international aquaculture company in Utah in 1992.

What is spindrift snow?

Spindrift or spoondrift is also a term for fine sand or snow that is blown off by the wind.

How many breweries are in Halifax?

Halifax’s Beer Guide has 15 craft breweries listed on JustBeer. Check out each company for more information about their business and beers.

What is the most popular beer in Nova Scotia?


1 Boxing Rock U-889 Russian Imperial Stout Boxing Rock Brewing Company
2 Propeller Revolution Russian Imperial Stout Propeller Brewing Co.
3 Hart & Thistle Hop Mess Monster Hart & Thistle Gastropub & Brewery
4 Bad Apple Boxcutter Bad Apple Brewhouse [BAB]

What province has the most craft breweries?

Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia has the most craft breweries per capita, and while many are spread out in rural areas, they’re definitely worth a visit.

Where is Epic Brewing from?

Salt Lake City, Utah
Epic Brewing Company opened in Salt Lake City, Utah with six fermentation tanks giving it the flexibility to create a variety of small batch, artisanal beer. Within a few short months, Epic began earn…

Is Spindrift safe to drink?

If we’re being honest, your choice of cool canned seltzer probably matters approximately not at all. You can have 17 calories in your water-and-real-grapefruit-flavored Spindrift, or 0 calories in your “naturally essenced” pamplemousse LaCroix, and either way, you will be fine.

Why is it called Spindrift?

spindrift, the name. Inspired by his formative years on the ocean off the shores of Nantucket Island, Bill named his drinks Spindrift, the refreshing spray that blows off of a breaking wave. For him, the ocean is the perfect symbol of real refreshment.

Who owns Moosehead?

the Oland family
Moosehead is Canada’s oldest and largest independent brewery. We trace our roots back to 1867 when our matriarch, Susannah Oland, first started brewing beer in her Dartmouth, Nova Scotia backyard. Today, the Moosehead brewery is in Saint John, New Brunswick, and is still owned and operated by the Oland family.