Who is the most famous actor in Australia?

Who is the most famous actor in Australia?

Top 10: Famous Australian Actors and Actresses

  • CHRIS HEMSWORTH. Best known for playing “Thor” in The Avengers series, Chris Hemsworth was born in Melbourne in the state of Victoria.

Who is a famous Australian actor?

Russell Crowe This actor, film producer, and musician is one of Australia’s most recognised actors, having received four major awards including the Academy Award and the Empire Award for Best Actor for his performance in Gladiator (2000). Crowe has also appeared in Robin Hood (2010) and 2016’s The Nice Guys.

Who is the most famous Australian athlete?

World Fame 100: Australia’s Top 10 most famous athletes

  1. Ben Simmons, basketball.
  2. Jason Day, golf.
  3. Nick Kyrgios, tennis.
  4. Daniel Ricciardo, F1.
  5. David Warner, cricket.
  6. Dustin Martin, Australian rules football.
  7. Glenn Maxwell, cricket.
  8. Lance Franklin, Australian rules football.

What movies are made in Australia?

12 International Movies That Were Filmed in Australia: 1. The Matrix 2. Mission Impossible 2 3. Star Wars 4 . The Great Gatsby 5. Babe 6. Happy Feet 7. Finding Nemo 8. Fool’s Gold 9. Ghost Rider 10. Charlotte’s Web 11. Where The Wild Thing’s Are 12. Wolverine

Who are famous people from Australia?

Among the famous people of Australia are Sir Edmund Barton , the first Prime Minister of Australia, a host of noble laureates like Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet (for medicine), John Cornforth (Chemistry), John Carew Eccles (medicine) and Sir Howarth Florey (medicine) among many others. Patrick White has bagged the Noble Prize in literature.

Who is the Australian actress?

Ashleigh Cummings (born 11 November 1992) is an Australian actress. She became known for her role as Robyn Mathers in Tomorrow, When the War Began.