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Who is Taylor Hebert?

Who is Taylor Hebert?

Taylor Anne Hebert, pronounced “Hee-bert”, is the main character of Worm.

How old is Taylor Worm?

Synopsis. Taylor Hebert is a fifteen-year-old parahuman who has developed the power to sense and control insects following a traumatic event. She lives in the fictional city of Brockton Bay, a hotspot of parahuman activity, and seeks to become a superhero.

What happened to Taylor Hebert?

Taylor is still damaged, mentally and physically, but she has more breathing room to let down her mental armor than she has had since the moment she triggered, plus more distance from her previous life to allow her to reflect than seemed possible, and things end on a cautiously hopeful note.

How did khepri beat Scion?

Khepri attacked Scion by using what he’d done to make himself more human, and she sacrificed her own humanity to do so. Each fully embracing the aspect of the other, and causing the destruction of both.

Is Taylor a villain Worm?

Taylor Hebert, better known as Skitter, is the main character in the online web serial Worm, written by Wildbow. Sometimes portrayed as a major antagonist from other characters’ points of view, Skitter is a villain who attempts to do the right thing via extra-legal means.

Is Worm finished?

Worm started in June 2011, updating twice a week, and finished in late November, 2013. It totals roughly 1,680,000 words; roughly 26 typical novels in length (or 10-11 very thick novels).

Is Taylor Hebert alive?

Tattletale knows that Taylor is alive. The fact that she tries to convince dinah otherwise is a cue to that direction, I think. There is also the part where she tells imp that she will “continue to look into things in that department”.

Who killed scion worm?

As he was impaled by two bolts affected by Foil’s power, he offered no resistance. Using Scion as a portal to his main body, Khepri aimed the collaborative tinker weapon into him, firing until Scion’s body was completely destroyed. Scion was dead.

How tall is Leviathan worm?

thirty feet tall
Appearance. Leviathan is thirty feet tall with a seemingly disproportionate body and scaly green skin.

What is worm fanfiction?

Synopsis: A fanfic of Internship that diverges about halfway through that fic in a different direction.

What are the Endbringers?

The Endbringers are monstrous beings that take turns attacking locations around the globe to cause as much damage as they possibly can.

When does the rise of Khepri take place?

The Rise of Khepri is an event taking place during Gold Morning. It focuses on the rise in power of Taylor Hebert after her Corona pollentia is modified by Panacea . Following the raid on Cauldron west African base, Taylor was given more information on how second triggers worked and how powers changed and evolved.

What kind of insects does Skitter take over?

This can include a wide vareity of invertebrates but appears most commonly as control over insects and spiders. Skitter has the ability to control the movements of these creatures; she may completely take over an individual insect, or direct a large swarm of them with surprising precision.

Why is Skitter considered to be a villain?

However, in so doing, Skitter becomes formally recognized as a villain and criminal. Not only will this result in a prison sentence if caught, but Taylor loses favor with Armsmaster, who proves unwilling to help a villain.

How did Skitter change over the course of the story?

Over the course of the story, as she become more established as a cape, Skitter becomes more and more confident and open. She becomes a respected individual and leader and is able to effectively achieve her goals despite facing superior numbers, slim odds, and powers far stronger than her own.