Who is KK Menon wife?

Who is KK Menon wife?

Nivedita Bhattacharya
Kay Kay Menon/Wife

How tall is KK Menon?

1.8 m
Kay Kay Menon/Height

Is Ray a movie?

Ray is an Indian anthology mini web series on Netflix created by Sayantan Mukherjee, based on the works of Satyajit Ray. The series is directed by Srijit Mukherji, Vasan Bala and Abhishek Chaubey. The series was released on 25th of June 2021 on Netflix.

What is a Kay Kay?

people will either put Kay Kay or K or KK when texting. it all means Okay.

Is Kaykay married?

Kay Kay Menon/Spouse

Is the movie Ray on Netflix?

Ray, the 2004 biopic about Ray Charles and starring Jamie Foxx, is now on Netflix and joins our ranking of the 50 Best Movies on Netflix!

What is KK singer doing now?

The singer, who has given hit albums like “Pal” and “Humsafar”, says he is now “working on something… independent”. “It’s too early to say whether it will be an album or a single. I have started putting my mind and effort to it.

How many KK songs are there?

KK has sung 3,500 jingles in 11 Indian languages!

When does the next Kay Kay Menon movie come out?

Kay Kay Menon complete movie (s) list from 2021 to 1999 all inclusive: Actor with release dates, trailers and much more .

Where did Kay Kay Menon start his career?

He started his career in theatre productions where he met Nivedita Bhattacharya, whom he married. His first theatre break was opposite Naseeruddin Shah in Feroz Abbas Khan ‘s Mahatma vs Gandhi. In the early years of his career, Menon worked on television, with roles in the TV movies Zebra 2 and Last Train To Mahakali.

Who was Kay Kay Menon in the Stoneman Murders?

His portrayal of a ruthless army brigadier is still talked of among cinema lovers. In 2009, he starred in The Stoneman Murders where he played a police officer on the hunt for the Stoneman serial killer. He played the role of Dukki Bana in Gulaal.

What was Kay Kay Menon role in Ghazi Attack?

He played very crucial role in Ghazi Attack as a Naval Captain based on an Indian Naval submarine, S21, intercepts a Pakistani submarine, PNS Ghazi, during a routine surveillance and thwarts its mission of destroying INS Vikrant in 1971. He played role as Vikram singh in 2019’s Penalty with co-actor Mohit Nain.