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Who is Jim Sterling and what does he do?

Who is Jim Sterling and what does he do?

James Nicholas Stanton (born 1 January 1984), better known by his pen name ” Jim Sterling ,” is an English freelance video game journalist, critic, pundit, and wrestling personality. Prior to becoming independent in September 2014, through crowdfunding, Sterling was the review editor for Destructoid, and an author for The Escapist.

What are Jim Sterling’s views on art games?

Sterling’s views on art games have been criticized by Spelunky creator Derek Yu. Yu compared Sterling’s view to that of art critic Louis Leroy in 1874 of a Claude Monet painting, which Leroy criticized for being unfinished, while the style of painting later became a major art style.

When did Jim Sterling Sue Digital Homicide Studios?

Sterling further accused Digital Homicide Studios of deleting negative feedback of the game on its Steam review page, and banning users who criticized it. The lawsuit was raised to $15 million, before it was eventually dismissed with prejudice in late February 2017.

How did Jim Sterling come up with the name Big Chungus?

Sterling has been credited with originating the name of the meme ” Big Chungus “. Sterling started using the term “Chungus” on their channel in a variety of unrelated contexts with different meanings for humorous effect. Sterling was featured in a list of “the 25 raddest game journalists to follow on Twitter,” by Complex.

When did Jim Sterling come out as James Stephanie?

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Why was Jim Sterling sent to E3 press conference?

James Stephanie Sterling’s career is due in part to the Xbox Kinect. In an interview with Heavy, Sterling said that in 2010 while still working for gaming news site Destructoid they was sent to cover Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference where they would announce the Kinect.