Who is based at Yeovilton?

Who is based at Yeovilton?

It is one of two active Fleet Air Arm bases (the other being RNAS Culdrose) and is currently home to the Royal Navy Wildcat HMA2 and Army Air Corps Wildcat AH1 helicopters as well as the Royal Navy’s Commando Helicopter Force Merlin HCi3/4/4A and Wildcat AH1 helicopters.

What aircraft are based at Yeovilton?

RNAS Yeovilton is the home base for the Royal Navy’s Maritime Lynx and RN Commando Lynx and Sea King helicopters, Hawk jet trainers, Jetstream communication aircraft and Grob Tutor basic trainers.

How many helicopters does the Royal Navy have?

174 aircraft

Fleet Air Arm
Founded 1914 (As the Royal Naval Air Service) 1924 (as the naval branch of the Royal Air Force) 1937 (as part of Naval Service)
Country United Kingdom
Branch Royal Navy
Size 5,000 personnel Approx. 174 aircraft

What helicopters do the Royal Marines use?

Affectionately known as ‘The Junglies’ for their operations in Borneo during the 1960s, Commando Helicopter Force is made up of three naval Air Squadrons – 845, 846 and 847. Together, they use Merlin and Wildcat helicopters to provide air support to 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines and other UK forces.

What helicopter does the Royal Navy use?

Wildcat is the latest generation of multi-role helicopter specifically procured to operate from the frigates and destroyers of the Royal Navy.

What are the three Royal Marine Commando units?

Three operational commando units named 40, 42 and 45 (pronounced four-two Commando rather than forty-two) make up the operational 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines (3 Cdo Bde RM) and a host of other units provide specialised support including artillery, engineering, logistics, signals and information exploitation.

Do Royal Marines have aircraft?

The regiment is Commando-trained. The Commando Helicopter Force of the Fleet Air Arm provides transport helicopters in support of the Royal Marines. It currently uses both Merlin HC4/4A medium-lift transport and Wildcat AH1 light transport/reconnaissance helicopters to provide direct aviation support for the Corps.

Where is the Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton?

RNAS Yeovilton Airshow in 2006. EGDY. Location in Somerset. Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton, or RNAS Yeovilton, (IATA: YEO, ICAO: EGDY) (HMS Heron) is an airfield of the Royal Navy and British Army, sited a few miles north of Yeovil, Somerset.

Why was Yeovilton important to the British Navy?

The base remained as the home of the Commando Helicopter Squadrons, using the Wessex HU5 and later the Sea King HC4, and the fixed wing Fleet Requirements and Aircraft Direction Unit (FRADU) and became the main shore base for the Navy’s fleet of Sea Harrier FRS1 (and later, FA2).

When is Fleet Air Arm flight in Yeovilton?

Yeovilton is also home to the Fleet Air Arm Museum, and the Royal Navy Historic Flight. The Royal Navy International Air Day is held here every year, usually in July. Military Aircraft Tracker in the UK • Current Military Aircraft in the UK Tracker.

When did Yeovilton become an all weather base?

In 1952, Yeovilton became the shore base for the fleets all-weather fighters. The runways were further extended in 1952 and 1957 to cope with jet aircraft. In May 1953, it became the headquarters of Flag Officer Flying Training.