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Who does ALTO end up with in Macross Frontier?

Who does ALTO end up with in Macross Frontier?

It ended the love triangle. The director wanted to concluded the triangle during the series itself, but the scriptwriter convinced him to give the resolution in the two retelling movies that came out after. Alto rejects Ranka, confesses his love to Sheryl.

What happened to Alto Saotome?

Macross Frontier Movie: The Wings of Goodbye Towards the end, Alto manages to save Sheryl, who had become possessed by the Vajra. He sacrifices himself, and is whisked away from the galaxy. Sheryl falls into a coma, and Ranka lives on, hoping they’d all return. His fate is reminiscent of Shin Kudō in Macross Zero.

Is Alto dead?

Deceased (1948–2020)
Alto Reed/Living or Deceased

What happened Sheryl Nome?

It is later revealed that Sheryl is apparently a failed experimental subject called Fairy 9 and is “discarded” by Grace O’Connor on Galia 4, the latter stating that she had outlived her usefulness. However, Sheryl survives and makes her way back to Frontier together with Michael in his VF-25G.

How old is Macross?

According to official sources, the Protoculture was the first advanced humanoid race in the universe—advanced Protoculture civilization started 500,000 years ago—and is the creator of the Zentradi and homo sapiens.

How old is May N?

31 years (21 October 1989)

Do I need to watch all of Macross?

Macross Zero is one of the examples of why you should watch this anime in chronological order. Even though it is released in 2002, it is actually a prequel to the first part. However, we’d recommend you watch it after finishing Super Dimension Fortress Macross so that you’ll get a clear view.

Where do I start watching Macross?

Watch in airing order (SDF, DYRL, Plus, 7, Zero, Frontier, Delta). If you want to cut corners, since you’ve already seen SDF, go straight to DYRL. After that you can choose either 7 or Zero.

What type of music is Macross 82 99?

MACROSS 82-99/Genres

Where should I start Macross?

The best place to start Macross is its first installment, Super Dimension Fortress Macross (1982). The series is a great introduction to the franchise with beautiful vintage animation and a well-paced plot.

In what order should I watch Robotech?

  1. Robotech: The Movie (1986)
  2. Robotech II: The Sentinels (1988)
  3. Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (2006)
  4. Robotech: Love Live Alive (2013)

How did Ranka and alto meet in Macross Frontier?

Ranka got lost and met Alto on her way to Sheryl’s first concert at the Macross Frontier colony, Alto showed her the way as he was a back up performer for the concert, during the sudden Vajra attack on the colony, Alto saved Ranka’s life. She falls in love with him but he rejected and thanked her. ( Macross Frontier Movie: The Wings of Goodbye )

Who is the main character in Macross Frontier?

Saotome Aruto) is the main protagonist of the Macross Frontier television series and the film adaptations The False Songstress and The Wings of Goodbye, along with Macross FB7 Galaxy Flow Soul: Listen to My Song!.

What happens at the end of Macross Frontier?

After the Macross Galaxy fleet is hit by a large-scale Vajra attack, SMS Macross Quarter and the Skull Platoon engaged in fierce combat against the Vajra to rescue two surviving battleships that folded in. At the same time, Sheryl gives her farewell concert on Macross Frontier with Ranka in the audience.

Who is the singer on the Macross Frontier?

The famous galactic idol singer, Sheryl Nome, arrives on Macross Frontier Colonial Fleet for the last leg of her 18-month-long concert tour. During Sheryl’s first performance aboard the Frontier, an unidentified and powerful alien threat starts to attack.