Who created Gaia Online?

Who created Gaia Online?

Gaia Online

Type Private company
Founded February 18, 2003
Founders Derek Liu Long Vo Josh Gainsbrugh
Headquarters San Jose, California , U.S.
Key people James Cao (CEO) Derek Liu (CTO)

When was GaiaOnline released?

Gaia Online (formerly known as Go-Gaia) is an online forum and games site founded on February 18, 2003 by Derek Liu (Gaia username: Lanzer), Josh Gainsbrugh (username: L0cke), Long Vo: (username VO) Rosann Yip (username: Ling) and a team of their friends, Studio XD artists, and programmers/web designers.

What is Gaia Cash?

Gaia Cash, often more simply known as Cash, is the replacement for the old Gaia Gift Credits system. Cash is bought with real money, and can be spent on shop items, like Gift Credits, as well as Monthly Collectibles and special items in La Victoire, also known as the Cash Shop.

How much is Gaia Online worth?

Details about Gaia Online account Worth 16 trillion.

How do you change your skin color on Gaia Online?

A user can choose available skin type and the color upon registering an account. They later can change their skin by going to Skin Tyte. By default there are six flesh tones to choose available.

How do I get Gaia Cash?

Look for “Shop” on the main toolbar. Scroll down to “Get Gaia Cash” and roll over to the right and click on “Redeem Pin”. Gently scratch off the grey with a coin and type in the numbers. If you put in the code right, You will have either 1000 cash or 2500 cash depending on how much you bought.

Is Gaia a good brand?

In the small world of herbal medicine, this is a respectable company. Good product and good reputation, at least on the outside. The farm is beautiful and the quality of the plants and herbs are phenomenal. Let’s face it, you’ll be drawn in because it’s a large company in Asheville.

Who is the owner of

Gaia Online is an English-language, anime -themed social networking and forums -based website. It was founded as go-gaia on February 18, 2003, and the name was changed to in 2004 by its owner, Gaia Interactive.

How big is the community in Gaia Online?

Thriving Community: Gaia Online boasts one of the most active forum communities in the world with over one billion posts to date. Members can chat in our online games, post messages on our forums, or send each other private messages.

What was the original purpose of Gaia Online?

Gaia originally began as an anime linklistand eventually developed a small community,[2]but following a statement by founder Derek Liu, the website moved towards social gaming and[5]eventually became forum-based. [6][7]

When did go gaia change its name to Gaia Online?

Gaia Onlineis an English-language, anime-themed social networkingand forums-based website. It was founded as go-gaia on February 18, 2003,[1][2]and the name was changed to in 2004 by its owner, Gaia Interactive.