Who are Larsson and Jennings?

Who are Larsson and Jennings?

After a trip to Stockholm in 2010 to see his friend, Joakim Larsson, Andrew Jennings was inspired by the city’s minimal Scandinavian style. Today Larsson & Jennings continues to draw design elements from Stockholm & London with a key focus on sustainability and longevity. …

Is Larsson and Jennings a luxury brand?

But Larsson & Jennings, which was founded in 2012, has somehow managed to step ahead of the recent pack of newcomers by positioning itself as a brand that falls somewhere in the middle — equal parts luxury and affordability. A key piece of that luxury? Switzerland.

Is Jennings Larsson good?

What makes Larsson & Jennings watches so unique in the market? The mix of good price, great quality (all watches are Swiss made, with Swiss Ronda movements inside) and minimalist design make them a great understated, statement accessory suitable for people with so many different styles.

Is Larsson and Jennings Swiss made?

Larsson & Jennings was founded in 2012 by Andrew Jennings and Joakim Larsson (whose share was bought by Jennings in 2014), and it was inspired by a watch the founders saw in GQ. Much like Uniform Wares and Farer, the watches are all designed in-house and produced in Switzerland, with the movements being made by ETA.

How do you change a Larsson and Jennings strap?

CHANGING YOUR STRAPS These are small levers on the underside of the strap that can be pulled and spring to lock the strap in place. Some of our other straps require a small screwdriver to pop the strap out and insert a new one.

Are Milanese straps good?

The Milanese Loop, however, with its busy, tightly weaved stainless steel mesh pattern, does an excellent job of resisting and hiding scratches. It also, like all stainless steel bands, won’t have any issue with discoloration, deformation or damage due to sweat and lotions.

Is the Milanese loop secure?

2. It won’t discolor or deform. It’s the only band that is truly resistant to scratches, deformation and discoloring, making it the most durable option among all the bands.