Who are Edward quartermaines children?

Who are Edward quartermaines children?

Edward is the son of George and Ida Quartermaine, and the grandson of Edgar and Martha Quartermaine. Lila is the daughter of Harold Morgan. They have two children together: son Alan, who died in 2007; and daughter Tracy. Edward also has an illegitimate son with mistress Beatrice LeSeur, Jimmy Lee Holt.

Why is Anna in a wheelchair?

She was 91. Lee was paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident only one year after taking the role on General Hospital, and acted in a wheelchair for more than twenty years until she left the soap last year. Her acting career spanned nearly 70 years, and began with a breakthrough role in How Green Was My Valley.

How old is Alan Quartermaine?

Alan Quartermaine, has died at age 84. News of his passing was first reported by ABC7 Entertainment reporter George Pennacchio and confirmed in a tweet from General Hospital EP Frank Valentini, who sent his condolences to Damon’s family before writing, “Stuart was an absolute legend of our industry and he’ll be sorely …

Is Alan Quartermaine immortal?

Powers/Abilities: Skilled hunter and fighter. Unparalleled marksman with a rifle. Immortal. History: Following his retiring from the public eye after his many adventures, Quatermain came to live in Cairo, where he became an opium addict and a recluse.

Is Alan Quartermaine still alive?

Alan Quartermaine on the popular daytime soap “General Hospital,” died June 26 at age 84. The veteran TV star struggled with renal failure and other “compounding issues” in recent years, his son Christopher Damon told the Daily News. “It was very peaceful.

Who is Edward Quartermaine in General Hospital?

Edward Quartermaine is a fictional character from General Hospital, an American soap opera on the ABC network. The character was created in 1978, originally played by David Lewis.

Who was the first actor to play Edward Quartermaine?

David Lewis originated the role of Edward in 1978. In 1987 and 1988, Les Tremayne stepped in temporarily due to Lewis’ health. Starting on May 3, 1989, Lewis was forced to step down due to his illness.

What was the name of Edward Quartermaine’s son?

Edward was thrilled when Monica gave birth to a son, Alan James Quartermaine Jr., whom he hoped would inherit the Quartermaine estate one day. Edward decided to test daughter Tracy’s loyalty after she tried to prove that Alan Jr. was fathered by another man, by pretending to have a heart attack.

Who was the real killer of Edward Quartermaine?

Edward was concerned that the presence of Celia Quartermaine might cause Edward to lose ELQ because of the scandal. However, the real killer was Crane, who was exposed by Jimmy Lee Holt, Edward’s son by Beatrice LeSeur. Lila and Edward were later married legally.