Which industry is booming in China?

Which industry is booming in China?

Courier Services. The courier service industry is also on the rise, with expected revenue growth of 17.6% by 2022. Although couriers are relatively a new business in China, it has made things convenient for the customers and retailers alike. The industry is expected to grow even stronger with eCommerce in the market.

What are the emerging industries?

Examples of current emerging industries include artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, virtual reality, self-driving cars, and biotechnology.

What is the most profitable business in China?

Top Small Business Investment Opportunities in China

  • Sell industrial automation control products.
  • Provide supplementary education.
  • Supply health products.
  • Ecological environment construction.
  • Go for import and export trading.
  • Start a pharmaceutical company.
  • Skincare companies are soaring high.
  • Small-scale food production.

What are the three largest industries in China?

Major industries include manufacturing, agriculture and telecommunication services. As of 2015, the Asian giant is among the most important economic powers on a global scale.

What are the strategic emerging industries in China?

 China’s central government has identified seven “strategic emerging industries” (SEIs) that officials hope will become the backbone of China’s next phase of industrial modernization and technological development.  Many of these policies are still being drafted or are in the early stages of implementation.

When did China’s Strategic Industries plan come out?

China launched a similar strategic plan focused on emerging industrial development in 2009, splashing out cash and state support to develop seven industries, but this resulted in several instances of duplicated construction, with excess capacity in the production of solar panels and new energy vehicles.

What was the 12th year plan for strategic emerging industries?

The 12thFive Year Plan (FYP) on the Development of the Strategic Emerging Industries calls for the establishment of an inter-ministerial coordination group headed by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).

Which is the latest Sei catalogue in China?

NDRC formulated the latest SEI Catalogue together with the Ministries of Science and Technology, Industry and Information Technology, and Finance, as part of implementing China’s Thirteenth Five-Year Plan, which extends through 2020.