Where is Northam Booysendal platinum mine?

Where is Northam Booysendal platinum mine?

Northam’s Booysendal platinum mine near Mashishing (Lydenburg) in Mpumalanga. Work at Booysendal was commissioned in 2013, and to date a capital investment of over R10 billion has been spent.

How many mines are there in Northam?

Northam Platinum is an independent integrated PGM producer listed on the JSE. The primary operations are centered on their two wholly owned mines, Zondereinde and Booysendal, and the additional metallurgical operations at Zondereinde including a smelter and base metals removal plant.

Where is Northam situated?

South Africa
Northam is a town in the Waterberg District Municipality in the Limpopo province of South Africa, 54 km south of Thabazimbi.

What careers are involved in platinum industry?

Graduate career

  • Mine/Project Geologist.
  • Senior Geologist.
  • Geology Manager.
  • Ore Resource Manager.
  • Consulting geologist.

What is the postal code for Northam?

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How many kilos from Northam to Rustenburg?

85 km
Yes, the driving distance between Northam to Rustenburg is 85 km. It takes approximately 1h 22m to drive from Northam to Rustenburg.

Which province is Thabazimbi?

Limpopo Province
Description: The Thabazimbi Local Municipality is a Category B municipality located within the Waterberg District in the south-western part of the Limpopo Province. It has Botswana as its international neighbour, and is a mere two-hour drive from Pretoria. It is one of five municipalities in the district.

What is a platinum mine?

Most of the mining for platinum ore occurs deep underground. To extract the mineral-rich materials, miners pack explosives into holes drilled in the rock and blast it into smaller pieces. The broken rock is then collected and transported to the surface for processing. Platinum production in South Africa.

What does Impala platinum do?

Impala Platinum Holdings Limited or Implats is a South African holding company that owns several companies which operate mines that produce platinum and platinum group metals, as well as nickel, copper and cobalt. Its most significant mine is the Impala mine in the North West province of South Africa.

What is Thabazimbi postcode?

Thabazimbi/Zip codes

How many kilos from Polokwane to Northam?

It takes 5 hours, 45 minutes to travel from Northam to Polokwane. Approximate driving distance between Northam and Polokwane is 288 kms or 179 miles or 155.5 nautical miles .

How old is Thabazimbi?

The name Thabazimbi means mountain of iron because of the large iron ore reef that was discovered in 1919 by J.H. Williams. The mine boasts one of the largest mining shafts in Africa. More than 2 million tons of ore are mined every year and hauled by train to Mittal’s iron and steel works.

Where is Northam Zondereinde platinum mine located?

Northam Zondereinde is an established platinum group metal (PGM) mine in the Limpopo province which produces some 280 000 PGM ounces annually. The mine is the home of pioneering technology and innovation, both in the underground workings and at its world-class metallurgical infrastructure.

Where can I find Northam Platinum in Africa?

Located close to Thabazimbi, the Zondereinde mine produces 280,000oz of refined PGMs a year in 2016 and has an expected life of more than 20 years. Close by is Northam Chrome that obtains chrome from the material mined from Zondereinde.

When did Northam acquire the Zondereinde land?

In December 2017, Northam acquired the ground adjacent to Zondereinde’s western boundary from Anglo American Platinum Limited. The Western extension acquisition provides access to additional Merensky and UG2 reef and extends the life of mine (LoM) to beyond 30 years.

How does Northam Zondereinde apply for Employment Equity?

Northam Zondereinde will apply the employment equity principles as set out in the company’s Employment Equity Policy which is in compliance with the South African Employment Equity Act. Preference will be given to applicants from surrounding communities and employee dependants.