Where is John Staluppi car collection?

Where is John Staluppi car collection?

Palm Beach County
John Staluppi’s Cars of Dreams Museum is a private collection of classic vehicles located in Palm Beach County, Florida. The museums Coney Island theme features much of the memorabilia that is reminiscent of the iconic amusement park.

How much is John Staluppi car collection worth?

The estimated value of Staluppi’s collection is $16 million.

How did John staluppi make his money?

Staluppi, who according to website TheRichest.com has a net worth of $400 million, made his fortune in the automotive industry. His Atlantic Automotive Group in Atlantic City, N.J., is one of the top 15 dealerships in the nation, with revenue of more than $1 billion.

Where was staluppi born?

John Staluppi was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1947. He came from very modest beginnings. His father was an electrician and his mother was a homemaker. John began working as a mechanic, primarily on Chevrolets, when he was sixteen years old.

How do I contact John staluppi?

John Staluppi’s Phone Number 561-689-XXXX.

Who owns the American Muscle Car Museum in Melbourne Florida?

Mark Pieloch has twin long-term passions: muscle cars and pets. The founder of the American Muscle Car Museum, Pieloch is an animal pharmaceutical inventor and entrepreneur. And he is donating up to $50,000 to launch the city of Melbourne’s first dog park, at the northeast corner of Southwest Park.

Who owns a yacht called Skyfall?

Roy Carroll
Skyfall, one of the largest yachts to ever cruise into Wrightsville Beach is the talk of the town. So, who owns that huge yacht? His name is Roy Carroll. Carroll, who lives in Greensboro, is the owner of The Carroll Companies, a real estate development firm valued at about $3 billion.

How many dealerships does staluppi own?

Staluppi is the founder of the Atlantic Auto Group. Atlantic operates 25 dealerships in Long Island. And five dealerships in Nevada. Each year the group sells 50,000 new cars.

How did Mark pieloch make his money?

He has founded a variety of business in the field of pet pharmaceuticals. Pieloch founded Pharma Chemie, Inc. in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1990. into two companies: Pharma Chemie, which remained in Syracuse and PSPC Inc.

How many cars does the Brothers Collection have?

A mysterious, publicity-shy duo who call themselves “The Brothers” whose collection features over 600 cars.

What yacht was used in Skyfall?

The 183-foot super-yacht named “Chimera” that starred opposite Daniel Craig is actually called “Regina.” And the Turkish business tycoon who owns her has listed the mega-sailboat for a cool $9.4 million (€8.85 million.)

What kind of cars did John Staluppi own?

Staluppi was the owner of a rare car collection. It was a museum named Cars of Dreams. The museum has a collection of 120 fully restored cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Most vehicles were from the 1950s.

Where can I see John Staluppi’s cars of Dreams?

Ritchie Bros.’ Leake Auction presents “Revved and Ready: John Staluppi’s Cars of Dreams,” an exclusive web series featuring classic and exotic vehicles from John’s much-loved Cars of Dreams Museum. Revved and Ready: John Staluppi’s Cars of Dreams (episode 2)

How much does John Staluppi make at auction?

The smell of exhaust hangs in the air from cars starting and rolling out of the massive building onto waiting transport trailers. When it’s all said and done, Staluppi’s cars will generate $13.96 million at auction, including buyer’s premium, typically around 10 percent.

Where did John Staluppi live in Palm Beach?

PALM BEACH, Florida — “We’re very selective on the cars here. I don’t like any pieces of s***, excuse my language,” John Staluppi, a reasonable approximation of a sturdier Robert De Niro, says in his Brooklyn accent.