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Where did John Forrest die?

Where did John Forrest die?

Sierra Leone
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He died at sea on 2 September 1918, three hours away from Freetown, Sierra Leone. Forrest was initially interred at the military cemetery in Freetown. His body was brought back to Western Australia and buried at Karrakatta Cemetery on 7 May 1919.

What is John Forrest famous for?

Sir John Forrest, also called (1918) Baron Forrest of Bunbury, (born August 22, 1847, Preston Point, near Bunbury, Western Australia—died September 3, 1918, at sea), explorer and statesman who led pioneer expeditions into Australia’s western interior.

Where did John Forrest go to school?

Hale School
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Where was John Forrest from?

Bunbury, Australia
John Forrest/Place of birth

What did Edward Braddon do?

Sir Edward Nicholas Coventry Braddon KCMG PC (11 June 1829 – 2 February 1904) was an Australian politician who served as Premier of Tasmania from 1894 to 1899, and was a Member of the First Australian Parliament in the House of Representatives. Braddon was a Tasmanian delegate to the Constitutional Conventions.

Is Andrew Forrest related to John?

Early life. Forrest was born in Perth, Western Australia, the youngest of three children of Judith (née Fry) and Donald Forrest. His father, grandfather (Mervyn), and great-grandfather (David) were all managers of Minderoo Station, which David had established in 1878 with his brothers, Alexander and John.

Did John Forrest go to university?

How old is John Forrest Secondary College?

The College was built in 1962 and named after the first premier of Western Australia, Sir John Forrest. Today, we cater to over 1100 students from a wide range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

What did Edward Braddon have to do with federation?

Braddon was an important proponent of federation in Tasmania. He was elected as one of the Tasmanian representatives to the Constitutional Convention of 1897. At the convention, he was responsible for the so-called “Braddon Clause” (or “Braddon Blot”, as it was known by its opponents).