Where did Hiren Gohain go to college?

Where did Hiren Gohain go to college?

Hiren Gohain (born 1939) is a literary critic, and social scientist from the Indian state of Assam. He studied in Cotton College, did his graduation from Presidency College, Calcutta and then moved to Delhi University to pursue his post-graduation in English literature.

What did Hiren Gohain do in Assam Movement?

In a reflective essay published recently, Prasanta Rajguru, editor of the Assamese daily Amar Asom, argued that Gohain’s interventions during the Assam movement gave a new dimension to the role of the “public intellectual” in India.

Why was Hiren Gohain charged with sedition?

Gohain, now 80, faces charges of sedition – for opposing the settlement in Assam of Hindu migrants from Bangladesh. According to the first information report registered against him, Gohain advocated the secession of Assam during a protest against the Citizenship Amendment Bill early this month.

When did Hiren Gohain write cudgels of chauvinism?

In 1980, the literary critic Hiren Gohain wrote an essay in the Economic and Political Weekly that set off a chain of responses from fellow Assamese academics. The essay, Cudgels of Chauvinism, was a scathing indictment of the anti-foreigner agitation that had erupted the previous year.

Why was Hiren Gohain important to Assamese literature?

It was Hiren Gohain who for the first time brought the ideas and methods of Anglo-American New Criticism to the study of Assamese/Indian literature in Assamese. While studying in Cambridge, he had an eclectic radical ideology but later on, after his return to India, he became a Marxist.

Why did Hiren Gohain oppose the Citizenship Amendment Act?

Hiren Gohain opposed the citizenship (Amendment) Act and equated the exclusion of Muslims from the CAA purview of the as a move similar to that of the pogrom against the Jews by Nazis in Germany during World War II. Gohain participated in an anti-CAA protest organised by the All Assam Journalists Union in front of Guwahati Press Club.