Where can I talk to a Marine recruiter?

Where can I talk to a Marine recruiter?

Marine Corps. 1-800-627-4637 WEBSITE.

  • Marine Corps Reserve. 1-800-627-4637 WEBSITE.
  • Can you text a Marine recruiter?

    Did you know you can text with Marine Corps Recruiting? Send a text to MARINE (627463) to chat 9a-8:30p EST / 7 days a week.

    When can you talk to a Marine recruiter?

    You can go in and talk and see what your looking forward to, but the best time to go is the summer after your junior year of high school. If your 17 and your parents are willing to sign the needed paperwork you can go into the delayed entry program. Id hold off on picking a MOS (job) till October.

    Do you have to make an appointment to see a Marine recruiter?

    In general, most Marine Corps recruiters prefer that you schedule an appointment ahead of time though some offices might accept walk-ins. If you have a question or concern you would like answered immediately, we recommend using the live chat or text a recruiter function through the official website.

    How often do Marines get to go home?

    Marines usually spend about 12 months at home for every six months deployed, Commandant Gen. Robert Neller said, noting that he would like to see dwell time rise to 18 months for most Marines.

    Why are military recruiters so pushy?

    If one is pushy or overly aggressive, it’s because they think they’re putting the right people in the right jobs, doing what’s best for their Air Force, Marine Corps, Army or Navy. You should know that you’re allowed to tell this person to go away or give you some space. The recruiter’s office isn’t a “Saw” movie.

    What should I ask a Marine recruiter?

    Questions You Should Ask A Marine Corps Recruiter

    • What’s Marine Basic Training like?
    • Will I go to Parris Island or San Diego for recruit training?
    • What happens after marine boot camp?
    • What’s the average drop out rate for recruits?
    • What are the best jobs for me in the Marines?
    • Does my MOS have a bonus?

    Can you just show up to a recruiters office?

    When recruiters are in their store front office they are open for business. You don’t have to make an appointment, but it’s not a bad idea. You can ask questions on the phone to better prepare you for your first meeting. You can just walk in.

    How to contact the US Marine Corps Recruiting Command?

    If you are interested in becoming a United States Marine, visit Marines.com or dial 1-800-MARINES (627-4637). Command Suite …………………….(703) 784-9400 G-1

    What can you chat about with a navy recruiter?

    Navy Chat is a one-on-one, highly personalized forum that gives you the chance to ask a Navy expert questions about career opportunities, scholarships, Navy life and any other Navy-related subject matter.

    How to call the Marine Corps rapid response?

    Send a text to MARINE (627463) to chat 9a-8:30p EST / 7 days a week. Please provide your name and phone number where you may be reached. Once you fill out the form below, a United States Marine Corps Representative will call you. Rapid response is available 7 days a week from 7 AM-11 PM EST.

    What to do if you receive an error on marines.com?

    If you continue to receive errors you may request that a Marine Corps representative call you now. Please select if any of these circumstances apply to you so that we can route your request to the right Marines. These options do not apply to most people. Please select at least one service option.