Where can I find sheepdog trials for 2019?

Where can I find sheepdog trials for 2019?

Click here to view completed 2019 sheepdog trials. NOTE: If you bookmark this page, you will need to refresh the page or clear your browser cache to see new trials. On a PC, hold down CTRL+R or F5 and on a Mac hold CMD + Shift + R.

When do sheepdog trials have to be sanctioned?

On a PC, hold down CTRL+R or F5 and on a Mac hold CMD + Shift + R. At this point, trials on or after Aug 1, 2020 will be sanctioned. Note: Sanctioning requests guideline has returned, per the Board of Directors, to submission 30 days prior to entries opening.

How long is the outrun at a sheep trial?

Sheep will be fresh and challenging. Open Course: We will have two one day Open trials. The outrun is approximately 425 yards over rolling terrain. The drive is approximately 350 yards in rolling terrain and several spots where dog or sheep are out of sight from handler. Course may have a shed, a pen, and a single or possibly a marked shed.

When to apply for a Border Collie trial?

Approval forms must be submitted 30 days prior to entry open date*. Requests submitted later will need a waiver from the two district directors of the district where the trial is held. If Trial Managers forward electronically entry forms, directions, running orders to the secretary, they will be posted under Info/Entries

Is the Soldier Hollow Classic a sheep dog championship?

Watching world-class sheep dogs at work will take your breath away – but that’s just the beginning at the Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Championship!

When is the trailing of the sheep festival?

Tuesday, October 5, 2021 – SPECIAL ADDITION! Visit us for Festival merchandise, questions and registration assistance. And, if you have yet to sponsor “your” sheep in the Big Sheep Parade on Sunday, donate and receive your “ONE OF THE HERD” buttons here!