Where can I find a map of the CTA?

Where can I find a map of the CTA?

Looking for information about an individual route? Visit our System Guide for individual route maps, schedules, general hours of service, station timetables and more! The CTA ‘L’ System map shows train routes only.

When did CTA start showing bus route numbers?

Motor buses began displaying route numbers in 1935. PCC streetcars displayed route numbers upon their introduction in 1936, while signs with route numbers were installed on older streetcars after the CTA takeover in 1947. Most routes listed survive today as CTA bus routes.

Is the CTA the same as the Metra?

The CTA ‘L’ System map shows train routes only. The Regional Transportation Authority map shows city and suburban transit provided by CTA, Metra, and Pace. This Regional Transportation Authority map shows a diagram (not to geographical scale) map of all CTA and Metra rail lines and indicates opportunities for connections between them.

What are the routes of the CTA in Chicago?

Service is streamlined into the following routes: Howard-Englewood, Howard-Jackson Park, Ravenswood (Kimball-Loop), and Evanston (Linden-Howard during non-rush hours, Linden-Loop during rush); as well as the following shuttles: Kenwood (42nd-Indiana), Stock Yards (Stock Yards-Indiana), and Normal Park (69th Street-Harvard).

Where can I find the CTA bus tracker?

CTA welcomes your comments regarding Bus Tracker. Please visit CTA Feedback. You can also contact CTA Customer Service at 1-888-YOUR-CTA. Hearing impaired customers can contact CTA Customer Service by TDD/TTY at 1-888-CTATTY1 (1-888-282-8891).

Where can I get directions to the CTA in Chicago?

For directions and scheduling information to help you plan your trip, visit Google Transit, the RTA Trip Planner or call 312-836-7000 from any Chicago metropolitan area code. (Hearing impaired customers can call 312-836-4949.)

Where does the SB 4 bus stop in Cottage Grove?

(Precise hours of service may vary depending on where along the route you are.) SB #4 buses operate via Randolph, Columbus, Wacker Dr, then Michigan. SB #4 buses will not stop at mid-block bus stop near NE corner at S. Water/Michigan Ave.