Where can I catch a free tram in Melbourne?

Where can I catch a free tram in Melbourne?

City Circle Tram
Free tram travel The city’s Free Tram Zone extends from Queen Victoria Market to Docklands, Spring Street, Flinders Street Station and Federation Square. Travel on the City Circle Tram is also free. Hop on and off the historic trams as often as you like.

Are the trams free in Melbourne CBD?

Travel on trams in Melbourne’s city centre is free. See a map of the Free Tram Zone on the Public Transport Victoria website. Tram stops in the Free Tram Zone are clearly marked. If you start or finish a journey outside the Free Tram Zone, a valid myki card is still required.

What number is the free tram in Melbourne?

35 City Circle (Free Tourist Tram)

Is Docklands free tram zone?

From 1 January 2015 travel on trams in the CBD and Docklands will be free. The new Free Tram Zone includes the area from the iconic Queen Victoria Market, across to Victoria Harbour in Docklands, up to Spring Street and over to Flinders Street Station and Federation Square.

What happens if I don’t touch off myki?

Forgot to touch off? If you don’t touch off on a V/Line commuter service you’ll be charged a default 2 hour peak fare between the zone of touch on and Zone 1. When the conductor checks your myki, they’ll set the default fare to the end of the line you’re travelling on. This may be a higher cost than your journey.

How much does a myki card cost?

A full fare myki card costs $6 and a concession, seniors or child myki costs $3.

How much is a tram to St Kilda?

The best way to get from Flinders Street Station to St Kilda without a car is to line 16 tram which takes 26 min and costs $5.

How do you pay on Melbourne trams?

Are trams in Melbourne free? The most important thing for tram travel is a myki card. These can be purchased from machines at train stations, select newsagencies and from certain tram stops with machines. A myki card will cost you $6 and needs to be topped up with money to travel.

Are there free trams in the CBD of Melbourne?

Travel on all* trams is free in Melbourne’s Central Business District and Docklands. Trip within Free Tram Zone – myki ticket not required. Trip starts or ends

Where is the City Circle Tram in Melbourne?

The City Circle tram service operates within Melbourne’s central business district. The service operates in a circular route passing major tourist attractions, as well as linking with other tram, train and bus routes in and around Melbourne.

Are there any wheelchair accessible trams in Melbourne?

There are many Tram services throughout Melbourne. However, not all Trams are wheelchair accessible. Tram 96 in Melbourne is a wheelchair accessible Tram. I find catching Tram 96 the easiest way to travel around Melbourne CBD. This Tram is on the Free Tram Zone.

Is there a commentary on the tram in Melbourne?

Passengers are welcome to hop on and off at any of the stops along the route and visitors will also be happy to know that the tram also has free commentary in English. The pre-recorded commentary will give you an overview of the historic landmarks and their significance to the city of Melbourne.