Where can I buy a used dressage saddle?

Where can I buy a used dressage saddle?

Quality Brand Name Used Dressage Saddles from County, Custom Saddlery, Amerigo, Passier, Albion, and more. Click here to learn about our trial and shipping and return policies.

Which is the best Hulsebos saddle for dressage?

Hulsebos Saddlery is proud to offer a variety of dressage saddles. Whether you prefer a specific model or prefer to design your own, we are here to meet your needs! The DRCC model is the ultimate close contact saddle! The strongest feature of this saddle is that the rider can be very close to and follow the horse’s movement.

How big is a monoflap Buffalo dressage saddle?

17.5″ CUSTOM SADDLERY WOLFGANG SOLO monoflap buffalo dressage saddle-2017 MODEL! 17.5/18″ CUSTOM SADDLERY ICON ECHO monoflap buffalo dressage saddle-2016 MODEL!

Why are stirrups so important in a dressage saddle?

Unfortunately in most saddle design the stirrup bars are positioned much too far forwards, and usually they are also recessed causing discomfort to the horse. One of the most important aspects of saddle design, especially that of dressage saddles, is the closeness and stability of connection between horse and rider.

How much does a crown dressage saddle cost?

Crown is a leather upgrade to the standard ideal. They use softer, more luxurious leather. This is a custom saddle with buffalo leather flaps, making it unique. It is really comfortable and holds you in perfect position. ISaddles direct we’re going to sell on my behalf and listed it at £1200, so listing price here is a bargain.

What kind of Saddle is Epiphany dressage horse?

New!! County Epiphany Dressage Saddle, 17ins / Medium Wide – 5012-2 New! County Epiphany Dressage Saddle, 17.5ins Medium Width – 4909-29

What kind of saddle does Carl Hester use?

This saddle retails new at over £3,000 and has been valued at £1750 Amerigo were the choice of Carl Hester (before he established his own brand):- Amerigo Vega saddles are designed to sit the rider’s weight slightly more forward, over the strongest part of the horse’s back.