When should I apply for a mini-pupillage?

When should I apply for a mini-pupillage?

There are two deadlines for applications for mini-pupillages during the course of the year. Please apply by: 30th March – For mini-pupillages in the Summer period (normally June or July).

How difficult is it to get a mini-pupillage?

They are a short version of a pupillage which can run from anything between one day to two weeks. However, like pupillages, they are hard to obtain. You can find out if a chambers offers mini-pupillages by simply accessing their website.

How do I get my first mini-pupillage?

To apply for mini-pupillages, you will normally need to send a copy of your latest CV and a covering letter addressed specifically to the chamber you’re applying to. Some chambers may have online applications you will need to submit instead, but all the details should be available at the respective chambers’ websites.

Do you get paid for a mini-pupillage?

While all sets featured in Chambers Student offer minis, be aware that some only offer them as part of the pupillage application process rather than to a broader audience. Minis are usually unpaid, though travel and accommodation expenses may be covered.

Why are you applying for a mini-pupillage?

Mini pupillages are also advantageous in that that they enable you to: Determine whether a career at the Bar is right for you. Gain insight into the specific practice areas of a barrister (for example, criminal or commercial practice) and what is right for you.

What do you do during a mini-pupillage?

Mini-pupillages are short periods of time (generally between three days and one week) spent shadowing barristers in chambers. They may involve attending court and conferences (meetings with solicitors and lay clients), completing small research or drafting tasks and discussing your supervisor’s current cases.

What do you do during a mini-Pupillage?

Why are you applying for a mini-Pupillage?

What do you do during a mini pupillage?

Do you get paid for a pupillage?

After that, it’s pupillage. Pupil barristers receive an annual minimum salary of £12,000, although some chambers pay more than that, depending on the practice area. Details of pupillages and funding arrangements are provided in The Pupillage Handbook, which is available free from the Bar Council or online.

What do you do at a mini-pupillage?

Who can apply for a mini-pupillage?

Mini-pupillage applicants must be 18 years or older and must be at least in or about to enter their penultimate year of a law degree or ultimate year of a non-law degree (first year law students may apply after they have received their exam results).

How many mini pupillages can you have in a year?

Most minis are short and unassessed, so sets are usually able to offer between a dozen and several dozen mini-pupillages a year. Below is the latest information on mini-pupillages at sets featured in Chambers Student.

How long does a mini pupillage at a bar last?

We’ve also curated a list of virtual work experience opportunities at the Bar. A mini-pupillage – or ‘mini’ – is a great way to get a taste of the Bar. Minis are the Bar’s equivalent of an internship or vacation scheme and last one to five days.

Is there a deadline to apply for mini pupillage?

Open mini pupillage opportunities with the nearest ‘application closing’ dates will display first. Please note that while these deadlines are maintained to the best of our ability, we always recommend checking sensitive dates on the relevant law firm website.

How long is the mini pupillage at Landmark Chambers?

Landmark runs a comprehensive mini-pupillage programme from Chambers’ offices in London, taking up to 60 students per annum for a period of three to five days’ duration. During your mini-pupillage, you will be supervised by a junior member of Chambers who will be responsible for ensuring that you participate in a broad cross-section of work.